Adventures in Writing: Pleasure Platform

Dr. J.’s Famous Last Words: I have a pleasure platform and I am going to use it.

Adventures in Writing

When the three of us get together, we come up with all kinds of ideas. Unfortunately, at this time, the only way we ‘get together’ is by video-chatting. Sometimes, scheduling is a bit off. We have to make sure we refer to which time zone because Oleander is in central while Dr. J. and I are in eastern.

Obviously the ‘famous last words’ in the tweets I did for us were to be funny, we’re not going anywhere. You’re stuck with us and we’re not sorry about it either.

There are so many things I say on a regular basis, but a lot of them end up being in a conversation either with a friend or a coworker or my sisters in smut that never seem to make it here in a post. So, I’m playing catchup with them and on twitter and thought I really should write down my thoughts.

So, here are some basic thoughts that everyone really should just take a moment to think about.

Reviews Feed Starving Artists (Not Just Authors)

Reviews. I know, I harp a lot about reviews. All content creators harp on reviews. The reason being is that we do things out of the love for them, but we need to know that people like what we’re putting out there. We also need to know what people think could be done better. When you leave a review on a book along the lines of ‘I just loved everything, 5 stars!’ I don’t give it a second thought. As far as I’m thinking, you didn’t read the book. Maybe you got a free copy to review honestly? Then please, do us all a favor, take a little longer, read the book, all the way through, and make an effort on the review. The author will thank you to the heavens and back. They will saint you. They will build a fucking pedestal and put you on top of it. Even if your review says ‘Here are all the things I hated….’ They are going to prefer that to the previous option. It gives them somewhere to go. And yes, they also know that not everyone is going to love everything they do.

Oleander Plume’s Famous Last Words: Mute me if I say anything stupid.

Find people who support you, regardless of what it is. Even if you do different things. Having a team to cheer you on will help you through the rough patches. The days you’re freaking because you are swamped and have no idea when you’re going to find time to do the thing you want to do. When you need help seeing passed your own faults and how wonderful something you’ve created really is. That’s what your support group is there for, to give you a critical eye with a kind heart. Dr. J., Oleander, and I had a lot of fun making cards, even though no one would really see them. The ladies and I try to have chats regularly. We text every day. We call each other when we have something we absolutely need to share (usually with happy tears and squeals of joy.) It might take time, a year even, but if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find your tribe, your family.

photo of multiple index cards with quotes on them

Being an erotica author, I’m here to help you reach a pleasurable peak. To increase your libido when you feel the need for a release. When you need to relax and forget the outside world for just a little bit. Some people say that people who read (or play video games or paint or sculpt or whatever) to escape reality are hiding from their problems, but what they don’t get is that when you step outside reality for a little while your subconscious doesn’t stop working on those problems. Your mind is capable of wonderful things. When you come back to reality you may find ideas to help whatever situation you’re in waiting. It’s like a computer you set to do maintenance. You can continue working on things in the foreground while it cleans itself up in the background.

My Famous Last Words: Who, other than Horatio Slice, needs a 5 gallon bucket of lube?

My pleasure platform will always be here to give you a positive experience. I hope I never leave you disappointed. Please feel free to let me know if you’re not finding what you need. I’ll be more than happy to find someone who can give you what you’re looking for. I want people to learn how to be more positive about sex. I want people to be more confident in themselves. I want both women and men (and everyone in between) to learn that they are worthy of love. I honestly believe in learning to Love Yourself First. Once you can love yourself, no one can shame you into anything you don’t want to do. When you love yourself, when you are confident in who you are, you can come forward. You can set boundaries. You can tell someone that you are not comfortable with them.

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