Masturbation Monday: Ring My Bell – Part Two

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Ring My Bell! I hope you enjoyed part one, if you didn’t read it, please do so.  In this part, you’ll find out that there’s more to choose from this awesome kinky hotel! Enjoy.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Ring My Bell Part Two
Another flip of the channel and you find a man tied to a bed while two women are licking and slurping as he begs for release.

After the screens go dark, you sit there for a few moments contemplating everything. The orders started out simple enough. Now you’re sitting on the couch, hard, ready, leaking, but not allowed to come. What’s a guy to do?

Hotter than you were before the mutual masturbation session, you remember you still haven’t drank any water. Getting up, you head back to the kitchen and grab a bottle from the fridge. Hunger hits you as well when you see the food waiting to be heated up and devoured. Some of your favorite meals were prepared beforehand.

After satiating your thirst and hunger, you wonder what to do next. Shower? Whirlpool bath? No commands are coming through either screen, so you head to the bathroom. Afraid to miss anything, you take a quick shower and setup your bathroom items for the next morning.

Afterwards, you go back to the living room to see if there’s anything interesting on the tv. Maybe some new commands will pop up for you. Grabbing the remote, you turn it on and porn appears. Some woman is being taken from behind, handful of hair getting pulled to arch her back just so. You’re not sure if it’s just porn or if it’s really happening around you, so you switch to another channel. This time, it’s a man tied to a chair watching a woman being force-fed cock by another man. Another flip of the channel and you find a man tied to a bed while two women are licking and slurping as he begs for release.

You wonder how that sort of thing can happen to you. What do you have to do in order to have this kind of fun. Is this really happening right now? The screen on the coffee table lights up again and a menu appears.

Do you see something you like? You can order off this personal menu for private sessions with the Sexperts.

It starts off with a basic menu. The ladies on the large screen continue licking and caressing while the man continues begging. Then something interesting occurs to you. All of the people were different body shapes and sizes and colors. They had to be real people doing these things right now. You find a menu item called Bound and Blind. You tap on the item and see the options. Picking two women, hemp rope instead of fuzzy handcuffs, and a silky blindfold you enter your order.

Waiting is the worst. Fidgeting on the couch, naked, you sit and wait. But not as long as you think you do. Finally, there’s a click when the door is unlocked. A group of people walk into the room. Not just the two ladies you asked for, but an entire group of people. Before you even realize what’s happening, you’re shuffled into the bedroom and made comfortable. Pillows are used to get you into the perfect position. Hands are touching you – so many hands. Within moments, your blindfold is on and your wrists are bound to the headboard. Your legs are spread wide and your ankles are bound to the foot.

You’re alone again. Or are you? There’s the sound of breathing and then a giggle. People are moving, the women are there, waiting to taunt and tease you into oblivious bliss.

“Are you ready?” The voice is a little high, but in a cheerful tone. She sounds like a cheerleader.

“For some naught fun?” The other voice sounds deeper, sexy ramped up to a million. Fingernails glide from your ankle to your hip. You twitch in response and lick your lips.

“Yes, I’m ready.” Are you ready?

At first, it’s just fingers and nails, gliding along your muscles, causing you to gasp and strain. You’re not sure which woman is on which side. You only got a glimpse of the them. Attractive and curvy on one side and slim but firm on the other. Other than the touches, nothing major has happened yet, but you’re gasping and straining.

“Relax, big boy. We’ll take good care of you.” Flashes of the television earlier ripple through your mind and now you understand why you’re feeling anxious. Others are watching what’s happening to you right this minute. They might be watching you and getting turned on, masturbating or fucking while you wait for your turn.

A nipple is pinched, licked, and then suckled like a lollipop. And then a bell rings, tinkling through the speakers in the room.

“Oh, sir, we have to masturbate. The bell tolls. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” The bed shifts and the women get on each side of you. You can tell they aren’t facing you however, knees touch your thighs. You can hear the way they move their fingers in and out of their pussies, how sticky and wet they are from the sound. The smell of sex fills your nostrils. A hand takes your cock and works it up and down at a steady speed.

At first, you’re confused, but then you remember the rules printed on your paperwork. When the bell rings, you will masturbate until told to stop.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so good.” Your hips lift and you jostle the woman’s hand. She holds on a little tighter in order to keep her grip.

“Remember, sir, don’t come or you’ll get us all in trouble.” The saucy voice of the slim woman makes you wonder if she wants to get into trouble.

“Do we want to get into trouble?” The giggle from the other girl distracts you and keeps you from losing your mind, and your load for a little longer.

Do you want to get in trouble?

“Wow, look how much he’s leaking. Are you sure you didn’t make him come?” A tongue lathes the head of your cock and it’s all you can do to keep from bursting. Sweat breaks out on your forehead and upper lip. You can help but let a groan escape, your fingers dig into the rope at your wrists, wishing you could grab one of these women and fuck them until you can’t fuck anymore.

The bell rings again and the women, sounding out of breath for the moment, stop masturbating themselves and you.

“Wow what a rush.” Cheerleader sounds super excited about being forced to stop, but it’s all you can do not to beg them to get you off right then and there, consequences be damned.

“Yeah, that is. I think we did good keeping him entertained, too.”

Before you can reply, tongue and teeth are slurping and nibbling along your rib cage, your nipples, your collarbone while the other mouth trails a tongue along the sensitive skin of your pelvis without touching your cock.

“Please, please fuck me. Let me get off. Please.” You remember those words being a lot like the words of the man on the television in the living room not so long ago.

Ready for Ring My Bell Part Three?

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    1. I’m sure he’s pretty desperate. It’s so much fun writing this. Maybe someday I’ll do an actual ‘choose your sexy adventure’ type, but that’s a lot of work…. lol Maybe that should be a collaboration with several authors.

  1. I never thought I’d use the word unsatisfying to describe a story in a supremely positive way! This story was unsatisfying and I LOVED it!

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