Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch – Part Two

Welcome back! If you haven’t read Part One, please go do that. If you have, please enjoy Part Two. How will Grant, alpha dominant, deal with being dominated by his submissive kitten?

I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.
I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.

Mistress, what the fuck is this about?” The disdain in his voice was obvious. I could hear Grant’s teeth grind as he spits the words at me. I growled right back at him. Grant’s breathing was rough and his eyes were a little wild. I wondered if he’d never been cuffed before – or perhaps he had and it was a bad experience. Either way, I established the safe words and he wasn’t a stranger to knowing how they worked.

“This,” I gestured to him being tied up, waving the crop in front of his face, and snarled, “is about you not being home enough to even have a quickie with me.” Smack. “This is about cancelling our playdate on your only night off to go drinking with your friends.” SmackSmack. “THIS is about me taking some control over our relationship for once.”

I snapped the crop against his chest three more times. SmackSmackSmack.

Grant panted and his eyes rolled like a wild animal when trapped. The pink marks appeared across his chest and I waited. I wanted to know what was going through his mind. Did I look like this when he punished me? Like a rabid animal stuck in a trap and unable to break free? He remembered how to breathe again and his eyes focused on me as I molested the riding crop like I wanted to molest his cock.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have cancelled. I know we should’ve talked. I’ve just been so run down lately and I hoped a night out would get me a decent night of sleep so that I could come home to you like a new man tomorrow. The project is done. We completed everything.” The hope in his voice didn’t sway me. I knew he wanted me to undo the cuffs and cave. I refused. If he said Red, then I would stop. Instead of letting him go, I smacked him with the crop again.

“I think it’s time I took control. To show you that I won’t put up with being neglected.” The smack made him gasp, the pink welt it left behind made me smile. I smacked him again as he hadn’t indicated he wanted me to stop, and then again.

I smacked his thighs, the sides of his calves, all over his chest and I teased his nipples.

Grant’s cock was full and hard against his stomach. I set the crop aside and rubbed my hands along his legs, his arms, soothing away the hurt. I couldn’t help but want to touch him all over the way he sometimes did for me. I pinched and flicked his nipples until they stood proud and pert. I hadn’t been allowed to touch myself, to orgasm, while he had shot off loads of jizz in the shower or whenever else he felt like it, for a month. Tonight was my night to get off.

I pulled out some strawberry lube, my favorite flavor, and dumped some into my hand. Taking his cock, I coated it with the shiny oil. Grant groaned as I touched him, lifting his hips to press himself harder into my hand. Earlier he had been stalwart in his quiet as his eyes watched me, lips pressed tightly together as he took the punishment I deemed necessary.

“Oh, is that what you want? You like it when I stroke your cock for you?” I gave him my best baby-voice as I moved my hand up and down his meat. I loved the taste of him with strawberry. I wanted to give in and slide my bright red lips down his shaft, but I resisted. I put steel in my spine and stroked him over and over again, rubbing the lube into his hardening length.

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