A Penny for your Thoughts: Importance of Self-Care

Self-Care is super important.

I’m not talking about just having a day or night off where you do whatever you want or need in order to slough off the negative happenings going on. I’m talking about professional self-care. I highly recommend looking for a local spa with a good reputation and making an appointment. I hear a lot from people that they don’t like being touched. But, don’t think about it as being touched, think of it as doing something to help your body, mind, and spirit become refreshed.

Going to the spa for me is a treat. I only go (if I’m lucky) 4 times a year. It can be an expensive trip, depending on what you’re having done. Today I’m having something called a Spa Fusion. I’m getting a facial and a massage together. I know people who go for a short massage every month for a small amount of money, but I’m the type that wants to fully indulge. I want the oils and I want the hot stones, the foot soak beforehand, and I want the full-blown pampering.

When I get a massage, normally I go for the deep-tissue chakra-balancing type massage. There’s scents and oils and energy work along with a deep-tissue massage. Unfortunately, the woman who used to do it ages ago found another calling. Unfortunate for me, anyway. Since she’s left, every massage therapist, while great, did not have her divine talent. And when I say divine talent, I truly mean it. She was blessed by the heavens. She got just deep enough, her voice was the perfect cadence and volume. She didn’t say anything about imbalance! This is huge with me. Every single massage therapist since have read the ‘when this chakra is imbalanced blah blah blah negative negative bad bad bad’ and I’m like WHY on earth would you even put that in my head? Because now it’s IN MY HEAD.

Some people go the Legal Blonde route and manicures are their thing. Getting their nails done and prettified helps them be their best self. I highly recommend doing something. If it helps you clear the detritus clogging up your mind and body, something that cleanses your spirit, put the money aside. Do what it takes to schedule it. There are no excuses. I’m not saying go into debt for a massage, but if you collect your change and skip the expensive coffee a couple of times a week, you can afford it. Yes, it is a luxury for some of us, but that’s what makes it extra special.

Okay, now I want you to do some research. Look up reviews for a great local place to get something done that you feel will be a luxury and pampering. Whether it’s a massage or a facial or getting a shampoo/deep conditioning and style treatment, just do it. Or schedule it in a couple of months if you need to put the money aside, but do it. We all deserve to treat ourselves better. Treating ourselves better can lead to a happier, more relaxed, more balanced life.

What have you done for yourself lately?

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