Distractions: The Enemy Without

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Something else that has been distracting me is the fact that Netflix finally got their bloody claws on 9 seasons (yes, NINE) of Criminal Minds. I have been waiting, begging, praying, sacrificing (okay not really) for this to happen. And it has. I’m somewhere within season 3 I think.

Helping Others

Yes, helping others is a good thing and can sometimes earn you cash, so I said I’d help. I was also told there’s no real rush on the project. I’m transferring information from one phone to another (Yes, I know. Don’t look at me like that) manually. Why? Because I’m nice to this person for many reasons and there was money offered. The issue is that every time I pick them up and transfer some information I start falling asleep. No idea why.


I upped my membership to Planet Fitness to a black card so that I could use the hydromassage. Yes, it’s worth it. In fact, I just got back from there and damn do I feel good. Here’s the thing though, when you go through this whole wellness thing and they tell you ‘Well, everything is fine, except you need to exercise or you could die from congestive heart failure when you reach 45…’ and you’re over 30, you get off your asa a couple of years later and do something about it.

I did neglect that membership for almost a month after upping the membership. Yes, it’s a terrible thing. I try to go every other day after work and one weekend day. I’m back on the wagon!

Social Media

I have been pretty damn good at avoiding social media the past few weeks. I will hop on, scroll through, like here and comment there, then go on my merry way without really sharing a damn thing. Honestly, how many more improperly written memes can one really want to read?


Also, if you aren’t a Simmer, then you haven’t fallen into the hole called Sims 4. Let me tell you, I have made fun of my child and her cousin for playing Sims 2. Then I got my hands on it. I got stuck and haven’t dug my way back out of SimWorld yet. I’m also okay with that because it’s a nice way to relax and control other people who you dislike. (See what I did there? I can make people who piss me off and then watch them burn….) On top of the new game coming out, it runs beautifully on my laptop (right now) and no other Sims game has done that to date. Everything is on low and the edge scrolling is turned off, and guess what? You won’t believe how amazing it looks. Absolutely beautiful.

Writing in the Cracks of Life

Other than that, I write when I can. I was hoping to write while covering the front yesterday but that didn’t happen. It’s okay though, it probably would have turned out into some kind of angry rant due to the craziness that area is when there are so many extra people in the building. I did happen to throw down a little over 1,200 words over the last couple of weeks.  Not much, but it’s something.

I also have to keep myself from editing while writing. This is a bitch with a capital B. B.I.T.C.H. And no, that doesn’t stand for being in total control, honey (or whatever you think it means). It means that if I decide to add a scene or change a detail I am not allowed to do anything other than make a note somewhere in the timeline that I CHANGED THIS. That way I can go back through when everything is done and know ‘Oh, that was changed. Gotta fix this and this.’

Other Writing

Yes, you can consider other writing to be a distraction if you’re main focus is a novel. I threw down around 8,000 words between two short erotica stories (one of which I thought about sharing a preview of here and changed my mind) because I couldn’t get the ideas out of my head. I was still writing, though – it just didn’t count towards my main work in progress.

Off to write some more. I did get a handful of words (literally due to constant distractions) on my lunch today. Word count for the novel is at: 13,453/100K give or take.

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