Masturbation Monday: Fantasy Frolic in the Park

Okay, yes, another story in The Park. I know, I know… but it’s worth it. I promise. If you get tired of the stories in The Park that has no name, let me know and I’ll make sure to write more anyway. They hit me out of the blue and I can’t help it. THEY MUST BE WRITTEN.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Fantasy Frolic in the Park
He walks over and starts kissing my neck and shoulders. His fingers, calloused and rough work their way down my sides.

Rain pours down from the sky as if it has something to prove to the earth. And the earth keeps soaking it up like a sponge. I know there are going to be a ton of puddles on my walk home, but I don’t really care. Right now, I’m stretched out on a picnic blanket in a pavilion at the park and the thunder is rolling all around me. I feel like I’m going to burst. It makes me horny as fuck being in the house during a good storm. Being out here, right in the middle of it? I want to strip naked and finger-fuck myself until I explode.

The picnic table beneath my blanket shimmies as I shift again. I knew it was going to storm. I had hoped it would be a good one, but wow, Mother Nature is putting on such a good show. My only mistake? Not bringing some kind of toy with me. I could be getting off right now, multiple-times even, with no one the wiser.

Running my hands down my body over my clothing isn’t enough. I wonder if anyone would notice a naked woman in the park writhing on a picnic table as she fucks herself silly during a rolling thunderstorm. I can’t help myself. I untuck my shirt, grab the edge, and then I scream.

“Hey, do you mind if I use your blanket to dry off?” There’s a soaking wet hot guy in my pavilion. Well, not my pavilion, but still, he’s in the one I have claimed during the storm. There are a dozen pavilions, why did he have to pick mine? Ooh, but he is hot. And soaked to the bone.

“Uhh, sure, but it’s not going to do you any good.” I take my time sitting up and sliding off the table, then hand him the blanket. “You’ll just get drenched again as soon as you go back out.” Oh, dear god, does he smell me? Do I smell like sex? Fuck, I almost stripped in front of a hot stranger.

“Oh. I planned on staying in here until the storm was over. I didn’t know anyone was in here. It’s coming down in sheets.” He removes his shirt, baring a hairy chest. The hair is sprinkled across his chest up top but slims to almost nothing as it trails down his abdomen and into his shorts.

“It’s been raining for a good five minutes.” I realize I’m licking my lips and gawking at his almost nakedness. He’s wearing shorts and tennis shoes and socks. He’s a guy, so no big deal that he takes his shirt off in public, but the prudes would scream and shout if I did the same.

“Any chance you have a condom strange guy from the storm?”

“Yeah, I thought it was just a cloud burst. Bam, done and over, yeah? But, I was wrong. By the time I realized I was wrong, well…” he wrings out his shirt after laying my blanket out to dry, creating a puddle on the concrete floor of the pavilion.

What the fuck am I going to do now? It would be weird, and rude, to just wander off into a thunderstorm to find somewhere else to get naked and fuck myself silly. And then I realize what I’m staring at. He’s hung and hard. I hadn’t even looked on purpose, but holy fuck. I looked and now I can’t stop staring.

“See something you like?” He slips a hand beneath his shorts and strokes himself one, two, three times. I can’t breathe. I want to fuck him so bad. After a few moments of staring, I realize I’m shifting my thighs together. I thought I was wet before, but now… holy fuck.

“Any chance you have a condom strange guy from the storm?” Twisting my hands in my t-shirt, all I want to do is take his cock and ride it. It’s a pain in the ass controlling myself, telling myself I can’t have him. But what if I could? Sex in the fucking pavilion during a wicked thunderstorm would top anything I’ve ever done by a mile.

He pauses and pulls out his wallet. I love a typical alpha male. They’re almost always ready to get laid all the time. “I grabbed this because I’d planned on stopping to get lunch at the food truck down the street.” The way his eyes crinkle as he laughs makes me feel lucky.

I hear the telltale crinkle of a wrapper and I almost rip off my clothing, but he’s taking some time to look it over. “It’s still good. Not expired, no holes or anything. Do you want to check it over?”

Taking the few steps towards him, I take the condom, look it over, then smile at him. “Do you want to fuck? I’m horny and this storm is just revving me up with every rumble of thunder.”

“Yes. Yes, I want to fuck. Get in whatever position you want.” He takes his shorts off, wrings them out and lays them on the bench. He’s wearing gray jockeys underneath and they join his workout shorts within moments. My mouth drops.

“Whoa.” I grab the blanket, fold it in quarters, then set it on the bench. I strip down and get on my knees on the blanket. “Fuck me from behind. You can pull my hair and spank my ass and pinch my nipples, but no marks should be left.”

He walks over and starts kissing my neck and shoulders. His fingers, calloused and rough work their way down my sides. He swats my ass cheeks, making them ripple and jiggle. I squirm. I can feel hot liquid inside my pussy working its way down. I’ve been soaked since the thunder started, quite a bit before the downpour.

I hand him the condom over my shoulder making him do all the work. I do watch to make sure he puts it on, though. You can never be too careful these days. “Can I slip my fingers inside you?”

My muscles are liquid. I rest my head on my hands and start giggling.

“I promise, I’m so well-lubricated, you could probably side right in, but I’m tight, so take your time anyway.” The feel of the heat of his breath on my shoulder causes a shiver to engulf me, but he listens and I almost get annoyed as he teases me with the head of his cock. Back and forth a few times across my outer lips. What a fucking tease.

I reach between my thighs and part my lips with one hand and guide him inside with the other. “Please, fuck me. Fuck me now. I need it.” I hope he likes begging because I am going to be doing it a lot until he fucks me proper.

“You weren’t kidding. You’re tight alright. When’s the last time you’ve been properly fucked?” I start moving back and forth, trying to get him inside me faster. He’s trying to be gentle, but I don’t want gentle. I want to feel him stretch me apart and fill me as deep as I can take his cock.

We work together, me rocking back and forth, him guiding my hips as he pushes into me. Finally, he’s deep inside. He wraps an arm around my waist and grinds into me. I open my mouth to let out a loud moan of pleasure, but he puts his hand over to muffle.

“Shh, you never know you might be out in the storm.” Noises keep escaping me as he starts to fuck me hard. The picnic table shakes and moves with every single thrust. Even muffled, he can understand when I yell ‘yes’ or ‘harder’ or ‘right there’.

Moving with precision, he uses the arm around gripping my waist, guiding his hand up to pinch my nipple. Muffled, I yell ‘harder’. He pinches harder. Thunder crashes and lightning crackles. It sounds like something was struck, but none of that matters to me because I’m clenching down on his length, my nails are digging into my clothing. I soak my thighs, the condom is more slippery than ever, and he loses himself in me.

The weight of his body almost pushes me against the table, but he steadies himself before it happens. His panting his loud, sweat coats his forehead and now my back as he rests his head between my shoulders. “I just need… a moment… or two.”

My muscles are liquid. I rest my head on my hands and start giggling. I can’t help it, they just erupt like bubbles in a glass of freshly poured soda. He kisses me there, right between my shoulders, and chuckles. “Damn, that good?”

“That good.” I sigh as he slides out of me and disposes of the condom and wrapper into the public trash can. I admire him as he gets dressed and then follow suit. I walk over, sliding my hand up under his shirt and pet his chest.

“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, honey.” I stand on tip-toe and kiss his nose. I’d been wanting to fuck outdoors with a stranger for months. I have no idea where the idea came up, but I knew my husband would fulfill it for me.

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  1. I love this, you know I did…it’s my fucking favorite position and got rough. My FAVORITE way to fuck. But is it wrong to admit that I’m a little sad that they weren’t actual strangers? (No, I don’t know why I want them to be, either.) Although, I also love a good twist, and I *wish* I could role play my way into public, rainy day fucking…

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