Adventures in Writing: Three Days to Paradise

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For Oleander and I anyway – the lovely Dr. J. gets to be in paradise every single day – accept when Mother Nature decides to remind us puny humans who is really in charge. There are so many people, authors and non-authors, erotic authors and non-erotic authors that are going to be there at some point during our visit that it truly does feel like a convention. I mean, if I had an LLC, I would definitely charge this trip to it.

Over the past month I’ve had on my to-do list ‘create packing list for SiSCon’ and I haven’t done it yet. I planned on mailing a box of unapproved flight items to Dr. J. to toss in my guest room bin and did not do that either. Luckily, she uses the same eye-care products I do, so that’s one thing off my list. Deodorant, Toothbrush, clothes, shoes, extra panties – because c’mon, it’s a smut thing – and swimsuit. I’m also bringing my beloved beast Calypso (aka Omen by HP gaming laptop) so that I can have unadulterated access to everything I require to be my fabulous self.

Yes, I named my laptop Calypso. I also named my phone Kallista.

Anyway. One of my favorite things I’ve been hearing since I bought my plane tickets is ‘You don’t need anything, just bring yourself!” and I’m like… uhhh, pretty sure your neighbors want me to wear clothing. And shoes, I can’t go out and about without shoes. In fact, shirt and shoes are required to receive service, depending on the services, am I right?

And yes, I know she’s being silly, but you can’t fault me for being silly back. Or practical. I cannot wait to step off the plane and see Oleander and Dr. J. and anyone else that wants to be there to greet us. (I’m looking at YOU, A.P.)

I’m actually freaking out. I have this insane need to just pack my things and go sit at the airport until my flight leaves, but I know that would freak THEM out and is a totally bad idea. Not to mention it would burn paid days off at the day job. We can’t have that folks!

The other thing that is kind of freaking me out is the fact that I am having two actual vacations within a year of each other. I went to Tennessee with my best friend and her mom (my 2nd mom) over Thanksgiving last year. We were gone for several wonderful days. I got to eat at Paula Deen’s on Thanksgiving. It will forever be one of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life.

We don’t get this kind of life without working for it. Before Tennessee, I hadn’t had a vacation in over fifteen years. My favorite thing about this one, though? It may truly become an annual trip. It may even turn into an actual convention. Which makes me feel even more generous and beloved by Dr. J. and her amazing husband. (I’m going to start a secret pool to see how long he lasts during our stay. I think he’ll last at least 2.5 days….)

Okay, I’ll get out of your hair now. 3 days. Stay tuned! We are going to be sharing quite a bit of our lovely smutty time. Photos, possibly video, and we’re definitely going to lay down some serious groundwork on the Podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can get our updates in your email. Some of them will most likely be smutty in nature. (WINK WINK).

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