Adventures in Writing: Spinning Stories

Spinning Stories are like Spinning Spider Webs.

Adventures in Writing

Or so I’m saying.

I don’t know, I just say the things that pop into my head, okay? Then something connects and I get a beautifully woven web, but usually for others it seems. I cannot seem to get my ass writing erotica.

For example, Jayne is working on a story featuring King Robby from Come Away with the Sweet Fairies in Chemical Sex 2: Just One More and she sent me a short scene. It’s one she’s sent previously that I loved. And then, I changed it. Originally, his bed is a mess. Well, I wanted Robby to have my quirk.  For me, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, just neat. Now, I’m part of King Robby and he is part of me, so every time I flip my scarf, I’m paying homage.

So now King Robby has a made bed and the rest of his space is chaotic and wonderful just like him.

And then, I end up changing something else. An idea that popped into my head the first time but didn’t fit. However, since Jayne’s vision has changed for the story, the idea popped up, picked me up, slammed me down, choked me and said ‘share me or die’ and so, duh, I shared it.

“I was also thinking…”

And now I’m a genius.

No, I’m not getting any of my writing done really, but dammit, I am writing. I am spinning stories by sharing what pops into my head with those who don’t think outrageous things like I do.

I mean, outrageous. And, even though my writer brain appears to be malfunctioning, it’s still working. It’s still spitting out the ideas. Perhaps Jayne’s muse was gallivanting elsewhere so mine blurted out the bits and bobs she was missing. It doesn’t always work, but when it works, it’s the work of a mad, mad genius.

I walked into a coworker’s office yesterday after showing someone where they’d be working. As she looked up, I grinned, lifted my hands, and wiggled my fingers against each other evilly. “I’ve shown your third where to go. We’re ready to perform the sacrifices, ma’am.”

No fucking clue where that random thought came from, but there you have it. She laughed, gave me a ‘whaaaat?’ to which I responded with ‘huh what?’ and then laughed and wandered back down to my desk.

So, if you’re ever lost or confused, find a writer friend and give them a snippet of what you’re working with. They might have some far-off, whacky idea that just pulls your entire story together and anyone who dies comes back like Dean and Sam and Castiel. What could be more fun than killing your darlings but only for a moment?

I think I could make a business out of this, really. Jayne isn’t the only one it’s worked with, so maybe? Anyone interested in paying me just to read a snippet of your problem-child story and give my random ideas that pop into my head?

What do you do when you’re having a weird plot block?

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