Masturbation Monday: Bliss

It may be the end to the Month of Masturbation celebration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to learn about yourself, your body, the things that make you feel enticed and satisfied. Remember, love yourself first and others will want to know what you love.

Story Quote - Masturbation Monday - Bliss
. A pinch here, a lick there, and a nibble just behind your ear.

Fingers teasing, sliding along soft skin. Lips parted in a silent gasp of glee. A pinch here, a lick there, and a nibble just behind your ear. Nails dig into muscular arms, gripping tight, pushing to the edge. Hips thrust up, hoping, praying, begging for more.

Taking the time to taste and touch is the goal. Tongues tangled in a kiss making hearts race. Sweat beads along skin, salty and sweet. Nipples hardened and ready for sucking, while your body writhes against soft sheets.

Sticky fingers, pressed against lips, slipping inside, against the secret spot. The sound you make when your mouth opens sends a thrill from spine to toes. Tingling and electric, little hairs stand on end. Every spot touched, teased, licked, nibbled or pinched. Until the pleading becomes unintelligible moans and squeals of bliss.

So tight, so slick, heated to volcanic levels, thrusting and squeezing, meeting in the middle. Breathing rapid and shallow, whispers in your ear. A low moan becomes a loud exclamation of satisfaction. Soft kisses, quiet giggles, and snuggling into sleep.

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