Masturbation Monday: Real Men Do Dishes

I may have to walk outside in the 40 degree weather for a few moments after writing this because it’s fucking hot in here.

Crawling under the covers, I wrap my arms around her, nuzzle into her neck, and grab my favorite boob.
Crawling under the covers, I wrap my arms around her, nuzzle into her neck, and grab my favorite boob.


Friday night date night. Late night at work. Missed it again. She’d be okay, though. She knew running a business sometimes took over and wiped away plans. Especially when there was something happening you couldn’t avoid. We’d make it up tonight or tomorrow. That’s when I remembered it wasn’t a date night out, it was a date night in. Friends were coming over to have dinner, drinks, and play games. Fuck.

I strip as I walk through the house and put my clothes in the hamper. After a quick wash in the shower, I brush my teeth and head into the bedroom. Crawling under the covers, I wrap my arms around her, nuzzle into her neck, and grab my favorite boob. Sleep engulfs me.

Until my phone vibrates from the alarm.

Carefully, I disentangle myself from her arms and leg. I have no idea how we end up in some of these positions that should be uncomfortable as fuck — but end up being the ones you don’t want to move away from, because you won’t be able to recreate the absolute perfect feeling of oneness in that moment. A kiss on her forehead, then nose, and I grab a pair of clean cotton shorts from the drawer.

I pause when I step into the kitchen. It’s a disaster. But first, coffee. I do my damnedest not to make too much noise. I don’t want to wake her yet. Once the first cup is done, I put on another. I blow on the hot liquid, then give in and add enough creamer to cool it off so I can suck it down. When the second cup is done, I grab it and take it to the bedroom. After setting it on the night stand, I grab my favorite boob again and squeeze.

“Coffee, baby. Time to greet the day.” She groans a little and pulls a pillow over her head. Then mumbles something I decide that means she loves me and I head back into the kitchen. The wine bottles get rinsed and then put into the glass recycle or crafting box. I never know what she’ll need, so both go into the same container. Next, I unload the dishwasher from what was done yesterday.

Turning on the hot water, I start rinsing and reloading.

I hum to myself, wishing I had turned on music or grabbed my phone and headphones, but keep working. Finishing up the counters, I rinse the wash cloth and turn to wipe down the table. And there she is, the most beautiful woman in the world.

She’s wearing my button-down shirt and is sitting on a kitchen chair, one foot propped on the edge. She’s finished her coffee and the empty cup sits on the table. The shirt is wide open, giving me a nice view of her tits as one hand lazily plays with her pussy.

“Fuck.” My cock hardens so fast it almost hurts. We’d planned all kinds of kinky games last night, but I hadn’t been here. I don’t even know if they happened or not. Sometimes the other couple stays but not always.

“Yes, please. Now.” She gives me that look, the one every guy knows. If you don’t fuck me now, you’re going to miss out on one hell of a good time.

Instead, I kneel before her and pull her ass to the edge of the chair, my favorite boobs rest on my head. She wraps her thick thighs around my neck and I indulge myself in the scent of sex. A groan emerges and I don’t bother to hold it back. Rolling my eyes up to look at her makes my dick leak. I want to slide so deep inside her tight hole, but I want to make up missing last night to her as well.

Her hands grab my hair and it reminds me I should be focusing on her needs. Sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue make the muscles in her thighs twitch. I love the feel of her legs as they flex around my head and neck. How her heels dig into my back. Gliding my tongue from ass to clit, flattening it against all the sensitive flesh in between and sliding it back and forth gets me happy sounds from her.

“Now, please.” She drags the please out with a moan. I shove my tongue inside her even though I know she’s aching for something bigger and harder. Feeling the sticky warmth coat my chin and drip on my chest makes me lose my mind. I don’t stop licking until she moans and grips my head hard with her thighs. I flick and suck until her hips stop trying to thrust forward out of my tight grip.

Kissing my way up her stomach, her chest as she pants, rubbing her juices all over her boobs so I can lick it off. I stand and pick her up just to plop her down onto the kitchen table. Yanking the drawstring on my shorts, they get stuck on my cock instead of falling to the floor.

Grumbling, I pull them down so they fall and grab my cock.

“Is this what you want?” I stroke myself slow and watch the look on her face. She squirms on the hard surface of the table and nods. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, please, fuck me. Fuck me now.” I rest my cock on her pelvis and slide my fingers inside. She lifts to meet me, even though I’m denying her again. Once my fingers are all the way in, I curl them and massage her. My cock is dribbling onto her soft skin as her pussy clenches around my fingers and her nails sink into my forearms.

“Oh damn, woman. You are so fucking sexy when you come.” I extract my fingers and coat the head of my cock until it’s shiny with her juices. When I suck on my fingers, I close my eyes in absolute bliss, the taste of her mixed with me is just what I needed today.

Giving in to what we both want, I push into her. She takes a deep breath and we both meet in the middle, exhaling together. Bending over, I suck as much as I can of my favorite boob into my mouth. Currently, the right one is my favorite. As I suck and drench her boob with saliva, our hips start moving together. Back and forth, in and out, short fast thrusts.

I feel everything building up in me and I want her to clench down on me when I come, so I start doing her favorite little move. Nails dig into my arms again. Sometimes she leaves marks that hang around for weeks, but I don’t mind. I want my baby to be satisfied. The moan that comes out of her pushes me forward. She’s so close. So slick.

“Now, baby. Come for me now.” Electric tingles work their way up my length and just as she clenches down, just as she hollers ‘oh fuck’ I stand up and grind into her faster, harder. Deeper. Until my mind melts into nothing. Until I’m spent and covered in sweat.

Enjoy this story? Read HER point of view in Part Two!

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  1. So hot *fanning self* I can see why you needed to take a moment in the cold after writing this! whew!

    1. I’m so glad I check my trash folder… you’re one trashy girl in my comments saying those nice things. I need to find a way to tell WordPress you’re safe. 😅

      1. I had to start using a different email address so that wouldn’t happen anymore. I think I forgot to change it when I commented on your site. I’m a trashy girl in a lot of ways…lol

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