Friday Flash: Dream

Welcome to another naughty Friday Flash! Super short, a little weird, and really smutty.

Friday Flash Image Prompt

Staring at the photo on my phone doesn’t do any justice to the artwork. I want to rip the wall out it’s been painted upon and mount it above my bed. The way the colors gently coax me from one to the next touches my mind in a way I can’t comprehend. I want to touch her face in the way the artist drew her fingers, along her jawline. A gentle touch, barely felt. 

Earlier, I touched my own face and stared in the mirror. I found an old halloween mask from a superhero costume I’d worn a decade ago and put it on. I had nothing on this piece of art, though. Where did the artist find their inspiration? I wanted to meet this woman painted so prettily upon the wall for everyone to gawk at. 

She should be mine. Would she want to be mine? 

“Come to me, lover.” The voice coaxed. It was soft, just above a whisper. I felt the voice more than I heard it, like a stone rippling a calm pond. She repeats herself and this time the waves ripple through me harder. I try to obey, but I cannot move. 

I find myself restrained, but when I see who is holding me hostage, I don’t mind. I struggle a little, testing my bonds. It’s an automatic response. She giggles and it’s like windchimes in the breeze. The tinkle of her laugh vibrates through me in a different way than when she speaks to me. And then, she’s close. So close I can feel her breath on my being. 

She dances around me, touching me, pinching me. She caresses me and then uses sharp nails to shred my clothing. I don’t protest. I do writhe towards her touch, into her nails. I don’t mind when they bite into my skin enough to leave a scratch. I moan and watch the world change around me. 

I realize it’s a dream. I knew it was too weird to be real. 

Her hands are on my body, working me, her mouth sucking my flesh to tease and make me struggle. So close to a climax, but so far away. She pauses and laughs again. Her lips are on mine, our tongues twisting together and apart, tangling the taste of each other up together like the knots that work into my sensitive spots. 

Fingers gliding, teeth scraping, I let my head fall back and lift my hips to meet her touch, her mouth. It’s almost as if she can touch and suck and kiss me all at once. “I’m coming,” I cry out, and then I break into a trillion pieces, becoming motes of light and nothingness. 

When I wake, I’m naked and chilly, covered in a sheen of sweat. I hadn’t stripped before going to bed. My clothes lay about me, shredded to bits. A scratch stings my side.

But it was just a dream…  

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