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Question: What book do you return to in rough times – the times where someone has broken your heart, or let you down, or the world just seems too harsh and cruel?

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If you’re a member of Audible, then you’ve probably heard about Audible Channels. If you haven’t, take some time to check them out. They have some great things there – especially writer-based things – that everyone who has an inkling to write should listen to.

I was listening to Authorized hosted by Faith Salie. She interviewed gay romance author Damon Suede. I’d never heard of him before, or if I have, I’ve forgotten. I absolutely loved the interview.

One of the questions asked is the one I posted above – which is paraphrased, in case you’re wondering. And it occurred to me that I have a book, or rather a saga, I turn to when life is feeding me expired lemons. I’ve reread the first three books of the Kushiel Legacy more times than I can count. When I read about Phedre and Joscelin and everything they go through, choosing each other over and over again, and the one time Joss walked away, it renews me.

While the adventure and life story and fantasy are all well and good, it’s the strife between Joss and Phedre that bring me back to their story. The simple fact that they start out knowing nothing about each other, which leads to judgments and emotional fallout, eventually they smooth out the rough edges. Even after the original series, they are still learning about each other, still choosing each other.

Personally, I guess finding someone who will continually have your back, take time to understand where you’re coming from, why you’re doing the things you do, even if they disagree, is something every human would like to have in their life. On top of that, at some point they learn that life without you is nothing as enjoyable as life with you, regardless of the ups and downs you may have together, as long as you stand together and face them as partners.

What book do you pick up when you feel the need to reorient your balance in today’s world? Or is it something else – perhaps a painting or a movie that helps you regain your faith in yourself and others?

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