Masturbation Monday: Closing Time

I wasn’t sure what to write for Masturbation Monday today. I’ve been watching a lot of crazy things on Netflix and have been working on other stories, so I hope you enjoy this quickie and that it gives you steamy dreams later.

Tongues twisting together, Drake groaned against my lips.
Tongues twisting together, Drake groaned against my lips.

I wiped down the bar as the last person stumbled out the door. Drake wiped down his equipment and packed it up. I grabbed two cold beers from the cooler and tossed one over to him.

“Thanks, Mac.”

“Cheers.” After clinking bottles, we drank, soaking in the quiet. The place was never quiet except during closing hours. Music, pool balls hitting each other, loud arguments when people drank a little too much. But it was my hole in the wall. I owned the entire building. It was the only thing my parents had ever done right.

“How’d we do tonight?” Drake’s voice was low. His dark wavy hair fell over his face. Everyone thought he was shy, but I knew better. Women threw themselves at him, their numbers, their thongs occasionally.

“Don’t stop, Drake.”

“Pretty good. We throw a good party.” I handed him a roll of bills. I enjoyed watching him pick out music for the different events we hosted. Tonight had been a bridal shower. I wondered how long it would take to sweep up all the glitter from the strippers.

When he reached over, he passed up the cash, sliding his hand into my hair. Our lips touched, the taste of beer, and the warmth of his tongue engulfed me. I could feel myself melting as heat rushes from my extremities to my center.

Before I knew it, my back hit a table. My skirt was above my hips, and his cock pushed into me. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer, deeper. Tongues twisting together, Drake groaned against my lips. I grabbed him by the hair and kissed him all over his face, which made him laugh.

“Don’t stop, Drake.” Tightening my inner muscles around him made him groan again, a blissful look appearing on his face, but it definitely got him moving. His thick fingers pushed up under my shirt to pinch my nipple. Light pressure first, then increasingly hard with each squeeze.

Bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts, drove me up and over the brink. Neon signs blurred in my vision and Drake crying out took me by surprise. He pressed his forehead to mine, grinding into me like a madman. Drake took a few moments, kissing and touching me as we came down from our high.

“We should do this more often.” Drake nipped my bottom lip and helps me sit up on the table. He fixes his pants and picks me up to carry me up the stairs to our apartment above the bar.

“I agree, baby. Anytime.”

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