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Colorful Pens and Map Key

Okay, lovelies!

Remember in my intro I mentioned “some kind of choose your spicy shenanigans” idea that’s been percolating? I started researching CYOA story creation and I’m going to work on this here, with all of you.

How is this going to work?

Well, once I finish my researching (I’ll share links for those interested in building their own) I’ll start working out maps and potential options.

I already have the story idea in mind. It came to me quite awhile ago. I tried to give it away twice. Both parties informed me I had to be the one to write it.

So, if I have to write it, then I want it to be an interactive choose your own path type of story.

First Step: map the pages, choices, endings, and link backs that allow another option.

Second Step: Remember how to write in second person point of view.

Third Step: start writing the scenes to be grouped as pages, scenes offering choices, and endings.

Fourth Step: Share everything here [here=Patreon] with all of you for beta testing. If all goes well and I can turn it into a real book for print, then we’ll get copies to those who participated in the Creation of the Shenanigans.

And, of course, everyone* will be in the acknowledgements.

P.S.: Revelry Island comes first. And the Short Stories I owe (three) come first. Money making comes first (because bills). This will be something soaking in the muse juice and mapping, taking notes, etc.


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There are several options when it comes to Patreon. Just the Tip, Writing, WordPress and Plottr stuff, and more to come!

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