Sayonara 2022, I’m so thrilled to see you go

Welcome to my 2022 Year End Review (it’s not really a review, but looking ahead is nice, too!)

2023 Writual Tarot Journal shown with The Star from the Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot Deck
Writual Tarot Journal – The Intuitive Night Goddess – The Star

Honestly, 2022 being over is thrilling

Why? I feel like I failed the entire year. Or maybe the year failed me. We both made attempts, yet nothing much came out of them.

Writing is always hard, even when the words flow like a fire hydrant ran over by a truck. I have so many ideas and plans for stories and it feels like I can’t get one done without three more wanting my attention.

Lucky me, I have a daily challenge to put some words down every day with a friend. We chat often and cheer wins, support what feels like a loss, and remind each other to be kind to ourselves.

2023 Writual Planner

I decided setting up my gifted 2023 Writual Planner on January 1st counted as writing, even though the only items written were which Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot cards I pulled for the year + energy.

I took the time to pull cards for the month, first week, and second day. I’m hoping it’s less work and more fun (not that it hasn’t been fun) for the rest of the year.

I shuffled the deck, separated all the cards, then shuffled until cards fell out one by one. Pleasant surprise filled me when the first card to pop out was The Star. It’s one of my two birth cards. Strength is the other.

The Intuitive Night Goddess deck and I are still getting to know one another. I’ve found so many of the cards popping out had creation-based keywords. I also pulled the Energy of the Year card and it plans to make me work hard.

Intuitive Night Goddess

I chose to use this deck because it’s the one I keep going to for insight when I’m a little lost or need clarity. Also, if I didn’t have a day job, I’d be more of a night owl. It sucks feeling my energy levels try to rise when I have to go to sleep.

2023: The Year of 7

Somehow, my birth numerology is an 8, and while I feel blessed to have such a ridiculously powerful number, I also feel intimidated by it. An 8 is supposed to want to lead. Leadership is the last thing I want to be involved in period. I don’t like being in charge of anyone but myself and I can barely handle that much.

I’m a lot of responsibility.

The strengths include ambitious, karmic, and enduring.

I don’t think I’ve ever truly been ambitious. I’m not striving for the next great whatever in anything. I’m simply hanging out in my comfortable bubble snatching things that pique my curiosity.

I heavily rely on Karma to take out terrible people I just wish she was a little more ambitious in doing so. (See what I did there?)

And I can say while my life hasn’t been a terrible one, there are plenty of things I’ve endured. It’s probably why I remain single. I literally have no desire to be in a relationship. I have no need to seek out a partner. Being single for me is the ultimate independence. And yes, I know, the right partner wouldn’t want to stifle my independence, however, I’m not willing to risk it again any time soon.

On the flip side, weaknesses includes materialistic, authoritative, and entitlement.

I hope I never have these traits in a bad way. Sure, I’m materialistic when it comes to my laptop and phone. I need things that work, and work fast. That’s why I buy gaming laptops, however… I’ve had the same one for years and she’s still running strong. I’m considering adding RAM just for the sheer pleasure that I can.

My phone however… once it appears as though it’s about to be bricked, I upgrade. I went from a galaxy s8 to an s22. Sure, plenty of model numbers were skipped, but I’d replaced my s8 once prior to upgrading.

What is all this leading to, Meesh?

My number for 2023 is 6. And I’m going to need some money because it’s telling me to pay attention to my health and that I’m supposed to get any nagging symptoms checked out. Uh… doctors cost money, universe, so pony up.

Then there’s this lovely tidbit; “Also, be mindful of pushing yourself too hard to please others or to fulfill unrealistic expectations.”

Just take away my entire identity, why don’t you?

However, this is the one line I’m always reminding myself: “Understand that you are perfect and enough just as you are.”

Perfect though? Not likely. Enough? Absolutely. And anyone who says I’m not enough… maybe they need to take a better look in the mirror.

No idea what depths you’re bringing, 2023, but I’ve got 78 Goddesses of the Night on my side to help me navigate your deep waters.

Halestorm: Here’s to Us

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