Masturbation Monday: Pickled in the Middle

Aha! Here it is you smut lovers – Part Three of Live Action Mannequin. Enjoy how well Ronnie and Lawrence work together to get Betsy blissed out.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Pickled in the Middle
She has that look in her eye, the one that pleads with me to do this one thing for her.

Opening my eyes, I realize Ronnie is gone and slipping out of the door. Lawrence doesn’t stop what he’s doing and it feels so amazing. I can’t help myself and grab him by the hair to shove his face deeper into my snatch. “Oh yeah, tongue-fuck me, Lawrence.”

Ronnie bounces back onto the bed and sucks one of my tits into her hot mouth. I shake and shimmy against the super soft sheets, moaning, eyes rolling in bliss, but still not getting to that happy place I desperately want to be.

“Betsy, my sweet, I want you to experience something glorious tonight.” Ronnie has a glint in her eyes that I know all too well. She’s about to push my boundaries. At this point, I’ll do anything she wants to get off. She switches to my other tit and this time nibbles on the sensitive skin. Nerves flare to life and sizzle through my body.

“Yes, please, oh fuck yes. Anything!” I’m begging and screaming now. Lawrence backs off at the same time as Ronnie and the devious grins on their face almost put me off. They’ve been plotting something in their time alone.

“I want you double-stuffed.” Ronnie pulls out one of our favorite strap-on dildos and attaches it to the thong she’s wearing.

She must have put it on while out of the room.

“Double-stuffed?” The blissful edge goes away and Lawrence reaches out to pinch my nipples with a gentle touch. Pinch, release, pinch, release. I’m squirming again and press my chest into his fingers. “Oooh, that’s so good. Don’t stop.”

Ronnie leans down and pets my hair. “Baby, will you do this for me? I want you to feel how amazing Lawrence fucks. I want you to feel what I feel when he fucks me. And I want to get you stuffed so full of him and our favorite toy that you work off all this stress.” She has that look in her eye, the one that pleads with me to do this one thing for her. I love her, I’d do anything for her. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a real cock inside me. I didn’t really need it, I had Ronnie.

“Yes, Ronnie, for you, yes.” She squeals and pulls out the big bottle of lube. I didn’t know she’d wanted to do this and I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t told me before. Seeing her happy and the way she stroked the dildo excited me all over again.

“Good lord, you taste so good. Your skin, it’s like a delicacy.” Lawrence kept nibbling here and there along my body. Along my ribs, down my belly and back between my thighs. “Your pussy is going to feel incredible on my cock.”

“Here’s the lube.” Ronnie hands it over the Lawrence. He slides off the bed with a flourish and gives us a teasing dance while taking his pants off. By the time he’s done, we’re giggling with tears in our eyes.

When he crawls back into the bed, cock in one hand, lube in the other, Ronnie and I squeal in delight.

“Open up and say ahh, Betsy.” Ronnie helped Lawrence lift and open my legs nice and wide. “I’ll get you back to that edge you were enjoying so well earlier, sweetness. And then Ronnie will fill your ass with that dildo she can’t stop stroking.”

I can’t help but watch as Lawrence presses the head of his cock against me. His big head. Ronnie helps me relax by running her fingers along my forehead, then down my jaw, to my neck, and across my collarbone. She continues the path, purposefully circling my nipple, then heading down my torso. Lawrence continues bobbing his cock, just the tip, in and out of me.

“Please, give it to me, Lawrence, give me your cock.” The look that appears on his face is mischievous and I wiggle my hips against him, hoping to get another inch of cock inside me when he pushes forward. He grunts and grips my hips with his hands. Fingers spread wide for better control.

“You want it bad, don’t you? I’ll give it to you.” Lawrence sank himself into me, balls deep, but took his damn time doing it. His cock spread my pussy wider than any dildo Ronnie and I used on a regular basis. I held on to his forearms, nails digging into his skin. It felt amazing, the heat and skin of his cock. I could feel his pulse as he held me to him, both of us gasping and biting back moans of pleasure.

“Mm, Lawrence, you have such a nice ass back here. Sure you don’t want to be pickled in the middle?” Ronnie giggles and smacks his ass a few times. The jolts ride through him and into me. Both of us are sweating now, trying to hold back.

“Maybe next time, Ronnie. But remember, we promised Betsy she could be filled to bursting.” His arms snake around me and we roll over so I’m on top. Lawrence grinds us together a few times. Instead of holding back, I ride his cock and cream all over him.

“Good girl, Betsy. That’ll relax you.” Hearing Lawrence’s voice in my ear is a new experience, the way his chest rumbles against mine when he speaks is exquisite. His hands are on my ass, spreading my cheeks open.

“There you go, Ronnie. Get in there and give it to her good.” I feel the tips of his fingers tease me. Lube gets drizzled over my ass and then two sets of fingers are rubbing and teasing my backdoor.

I squirm against him, getting closer to coming all over again.

They take turns prodding me open with their fingers until I’m ready to take the dildo. When I feel the head of it pressed against me, I can’t help it and rock back and forth on Lawrence’s cock. I want to be filled by both of them, I want to know what Ronnie feels when she’s stuffed to the gills.

As she works her way inside, I hear her moans and mewls of pleasure. It’s then that I realize she’s got our super special toy, the one that pleasures her when she fucks me. Hearing her and having Lawrence’s grunts in my ear as they work in and out of me is too much to handle.

Grabbing onto Lawrence, embedding my nails into his muscles, I scream out as the hardest orgasm I’ve ever experienced takes hold of me and doesn’t let me go until I’m wrung completely out. When I open my eyes, I’m still being held by Lawrence, but further up his body. His cock is no longer embedded inside me. Ronnie’s moans behind me tell me exactly what’s going on. She’s finishing him off when I couldn’t. Lawrence pets me like a beloved creature and Ronnie rides him like a champion.

Music to my ears the way Ronnie squeaks when she comes, my quiet girl, naughty to the core. Kisses and strokes and we curl up for the night.

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