Masturbation Monday: Live Action Mannequin

In this story, we revisit Betsy and Ronnie from Date Night! Betsy has an interesting job and invited Ronnie and Lawrence to the show.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Live Action Mannequin
I had the signature white dress, the perky curls, and the barest vulva on the continent.

“I’ve taken some oddball jobs, Ronnie, but this one… well, this one takes the cake. I’ve scored you a couple of tickets, so it would mean a lot to me if you’d show. Please? I’ll lick your pussy until I can’t feel my tongue anymore…” Hoping the sing-song voice and the begging, and the promise of some serious oral sex, would get my girlfriend out of the apartment for a night filled me with dread. We’d both been struggling lately, both in work and in our personal sex life. Nothing seem to entice us. We were in the mother of all ruts without any of the rutting. 

“Okay, Bets, just please stop singing at me. My boss has been yelling at me all afternoon. Will there be an open bar? Because I totally need an open fucking bar kind of night. Who should I bring with me?” The angst in her voice told me everything. There was no way I was getting laid tonight. I wondered if she was secretly feeling the urge for Lawrence’s big girthy cock in her twat again but wasn’t telling me. My jealousy issues… were horrifying.

I felt bad but god dammit, why couldn’t I satisfy my girlfriend with a fake dick?

“Bring Lawrence. We’ll take him home with us afterwards. And yes, I’m reading the flyer right now. Open fucking bar. It says just that on it, I swear.” I was lying, of course. No one would put the word fucking on a flyer, but hey, I was allowed to lie about little things like that, right? 

“But we have to pay Lawrence. He is a sex worker, you know.” I rolled my eyes at her loud whisper over the phone. I knew how to pull some strings with Lawrence and now it was time I taught Betsy, 

“No no, babe. You tell him that we’re taking him out as a thank you and he can network a little. I know there are some women, and possibly men if he swings that way, that would be more than happy to get his digits, if ya know what I mean. Maybe he’ll thank us with a freebie fuck after the party.” I snickered a little and waggled my eyebrows even though she couldn’t see me. I knew she’d know, Ronnie always knew. 

“You’re doing that thing again with your face, aren’t you? Stop it, Bets, you’re scaring the other passengers.” When she said that I glanced at the people around me. They did appear to be a little horrified from the way they had all deliberately turned away from me. I had a loud voice, it carried. Rolling my eyes, I went back to my private conversation. 

“Don’t worry about it. Look. I’ll leave the tickets at Will Call for you. Just make sure you come straight to my section first. It’ll be the room behind the black velvet curtain with the line and the bouncer. They’ll probably scan your license to make sure it’s legit, too. Make sure Lawrence brings his real one. We don’t want a huge dramafest like that other time. Oh, my stop, gotta go, love you.” I made kissy noises as I trampled down the aisle in my loud shoes.

I was a loud person. Loud clothing, colors, hair, shoes, everything. LOUD.

I hoped Ronnie enjoyed my display. Again, weirdest job ever. I had to be a live action mannequin. There would be a bell that would indicate for us to switch positions. We all wore faceless masks to protect the identities of the wicked. Tonight, I was Upskirt Shot. I had the signature white dress, the perky curls, and the barest vulva on the continent. Standing on a pedestal in these heels wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, either. The biggest issue I had was how sensitive my skin was now that it was completely bare. I felt as though my nerves were completely exposed. All day I’d been squirming. And then there was the fan beneath me, blowing up my skirt, so that people would be able to see everything. It blew at a slight angle, just enough to cause the skirt to lift and expose, but not to dry my naughty bits. Stickiness coated my thighs and I knew everyone would be able to smell how turned on I was the moment they got up close to get a look. 

The bell sounded and while the change in my position wasn’t much of one, it was enough to make me gasp behind the mask. My nipples hardened and were most likely seen through the flimsy fabric. I heard another gasp and I knew Ronnie found me. She would know me instantly, despite the silly blank mask. 

“So beautiful,” she whispered. It drove me mad that I couldn’t see the look on her face. Instead, I was staring through slits at the ceiling. We were allowed just enough to see for safety reasons. Others would get to see their viewers, but not me. 

A rumbling ‘mmmhmmm’ followed Ronnie’s whisper. It had to be Lawrence. A spike of heat lanced though me, my jealousy roaring to life. Jealousy for me was a drug. Yes, knowing my girlfriend liked getting big cock occasionally angered me but it also got me off. Watching Lawrence do dirty things to her turned me on. It was difficult to admit so I never did, not to Ronnie or Lawrence, and I stuffed the thought deep down to forget. 

“Do you think she’ll let me taste her later? I made a bunch of contacts thanks to the before party. I owe her a thank you.” Hot, smutty thoughts of Lawrence and Ronnie licking me at the same time, pushing each other away in order to get to my gooey, warm center caused a gush of joy to rush through me.

And drip down my thighs.

“I think she would.” Ronnie’s playful voice, the voice I hadn’t heard in so long, hit my heart and made it dance in joy. My woman wanted me again. Even if she decided to share me with Lawrence, I would take what I could get. 

Another beep rang through the speakers and we all shifted positions again. Hands to my neck, slightly bent forward, but no one could see the smile beneath the mask. It wouldn’t have matched the person I was meant to be portraying anyway, not really. Hers was fun and flirty while I knew mine was wanton and lustful. 

“We’re skipping the after party. Get changed and meet us in the alley.” Ronnie was again whispering at me over the phone. She’d called me as soon as the models were freed from their mannequin roles. 

“Okay, give me five minutes, hot damn woman.” I skipped my underthings and put on my skirt and blouse from earlier today. I grabbed my jacket and hopped into my shoes while heading for the back door. When I pushed it open, I was settling my purse at my side and greeted by two smiling faces. 

“I drove, we can take my car.” Lawrence. Young and studly, recently cut his hair super short and let his stubble grow to just the perfect amount. He looked like he belonged on the cover of a men’s magazine – regardless of the content – in the suit he wore. 

Before I realized it, he was in the middle of us, arms wrapped around each other as we all walked down the sidewalk to the parking area. He was so warm and smelled so good. His hard body fit against me like a puzzle piece.

Sometimes, he felt like our third.

It wasn’t long before we were in his car zipping along the city streets, listening to some 80s station while he shifted gears. The car was so expensive, I was scared to move the wrong way. I didn’t want to accidentally leave a puddle of pussy juice on his seat. 

“Where are we going?” I didn’t have to yell over the music, but it sounded like I had anyway. Loud voice. 

“I’m taking you two home with me tonight.” Lawrence winked at me in the mirror and then tilted his head back a little, eyes back on the road, licked his lips. 

“Oh, okay.” The loud part of me went back to my fantasy earlier. “I heard you earlier, are you still interested in that? It spurred some interesting thoughts.” I squirmed against the seat and then remembered the buttery leather I sat on cost more than my paycheck. 

“Yes, hell yes.” His voice had gone all deep and husky. I watched him in the mirror, what I could see anyway, and bit my lip. Ronnie was still gushing about how hot and sexy and forward the show had been. It relieved me that she was okay with me doing such a strange gig that showed off my vulva to a bunch of strangers. 

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