Erotic Journal Challenge: When You Think Romantic Love, You Think…

Erotic Journal Challenge - 03.17.2022
When you think romantic love, you think (fill in the blank).
Erotic Journal Challenge – 03.17.2022

When you think romantic love, you think (fill in the blank).

While I find certain things to be romantic, my version of romantic love is not what most people would call romantic love. I’m possibly a hopeless romantic in some ways. I want to see the good in every single person I come into contact with and it hurts when I find out someone is shady or cruel or stabbing people in the back.

For years now, I’ve always said I give people the benefit of the doubt – this is everyone though, not just potential partners. And when I say benefit of the doubt, what I truly mean is enough rope to hang themselves. I have been hurt so many times in the past, both by people I thought were friends, by people who told me they loved me, by people who purposely set out to do something wrong.

That rope isn’t all bad, though

The rope I give people can also save them. If someone is hurting, I hold onto it so they can climb their way back out of the hole or find their way through the darkness.

So what is my fill in the blank?

I want someone who is willing to stand beside me, hold my hand, hold my rope when I need them to lead me through the darkness. I want cuddling and laughter. I want tight hugs when it feels like I’m falling apart.

Romantic love is love. It’s being capable of sitting with someone in the quiet and being comfortable. Or it’s washing dishes together and getting into a water fight. For me, it’s walking in the woods and enjoying the feel of the sun break through the clouds. And it’s turning over in the middle of the night, being wrapped up in arms, a leg, and warmth of someone who is happy to be there with you.

Over the years of dealing with partners who are needy and non-reciprocating, I’ve learned what’s important to me. What’s your romantic love language?

How romantic would it be hiding from your own party and finding potential love?

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