A Penny for your Thoughts: I’m an Idiot

When you haven’t done something in quite some time, it’s stupid to throw yourself overboard.

A Penny for your Thoughts

And that’s where i make a boating pun when this has nothing to do with boating of any kind. Dr. J and I are trying to keep each other in check. We’re trying to make sure we keep our goals in our hearts and get our bodies and minds working. I promised to start exercising again in earnest, which means actually exercising. I cancelled my gym membership. Yep, you heard me, I cancelled it. I hadn’t gone in over six months, so I found it to be worthless to me and beneficial to them.

I have Zumba Core Fitness and some exercise thing I downloaded for the xBox 360. I originally planned to do a Zumba warm-up, medium intensity, and cool down and go about my way. I also planned to do this right when I got home, however, it was such a beautiful day, I decided to sit out on the front steps and write. Then I made something to eat and had dinner.

However, I did get 1800 words written today!

Instead, I ended up doing a Zumba warm-up, then I did the yoga routine on the other program. I felt pretty good, so I continued with some so-called boxing, which turned into doing the box smashing thing, and then for some stupid idea I decided to do the fitness routine I’d put together when I first used the program.

I hate lunges. I can do side lunges all day long, but I hate normal lunges. They hurt, they do nothing for me (personal opinion – I’m sure they do, I just hate them that much). My personal routine turns out to be 48 lunges and 48 squats.

Yeah, that hurt.

But, I did it. I didn’t do them perfectly, I didn’t do anything perfectly, but it’s been months since I worked out, so I gave myself plenty of leeway. However, i plan to workout again tomorrow, and the next day. I certainly won’t be doing any lunges for a couple of days, but sure, I can do other things that will get me back into shape pretty quick.

Have you had an idiot moment? Feel free to share it in the comments (I could use some company in my little bit of misery).

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