Masturbation Monday: Birthday Surprise

After a few rough starts, here’s your Masturbation Monday Delight! I hope you enjoy this naughty threesome Birthday Surprise.

I wanted to touch myself but Eddie hadn’t given us permission.
I wanted to touch myself but Eddie hadn’t given us permission.

“Do that again, please.” Eddie, the most polite deviant you’ll ever meet, instructed us on what to do. I turned to Alice and licked her bottom lip. She smiled and parted her lips so that I could slide my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue while looking up at Eddie as he stroked himself.

“Oh fuck, yeah, that’s it.” I couldn’t figure Eddie out.

We weren’t exactly fuck buddies, but we weren’t dating. We were best friends who happened to hook up on occasion. In between relationships, now and again we’d fuck. When Eddie told me what he wanted for his birthday present, I was confused, but I followed through because he was my best friend and that’s what you do, right?

He’d even asked us to keep our underclothing on. It was strange masturbating with my undies on. I felt restricted. But Eddie got what Eddie wanted. Alice stopped sucking on my tongue, so I returned the favor to suck on hers. Alice moaned into my mouth and Eddie grunted, but didn’t spray us with his thick cream. I didn’t even know if he was going to allow any of us to climax.

“Touch each other, but no fingers beneath your underwear.” I immediately grabbed Alice’s tits. Technically, they were bazookas. The biggest boobs I have ever seen. I wanted to ask her if she could suck her own nipples, but I didn’t want to seem crass while Eddie was being so fucking (annoyingly) polite.

Alice squirmed against my touch and I spread my fingers wide.

There was no way for me to touch all of them with one hand. I didn’t think I could encompass one of her breasts with both of my hands. I had tiny hands. Alice went immediately for my wetness. She drew her fingers down my stomach, traced the stitching along the band and then her fingers delved lower between my thighs.

My thighs opened and I pushed against her fingers, back and forth, while I massaged her breasts. I wanted to fucking motorboat her. I wanted to smother my face in them. I moaned as her fingers caused a quivering mess in my undies.

“Easy girls, there’s no rush here. Slow down. Enjoy each other. No orgasms until I say otherwise.” I groaned with need, wanting to grind myself against Alice’s fingers. I started to hump her fingers, but she’d moved them away from my hot little button to tease my hole through the cotton.

Yeah, cotton. We were both wearing cotton panties. Another request from Eddie. He’d never requested such things previously and I wondered if he was just trying something new or if perhaps he was bored with me and wanted to see how far I’d go to make him happy. The random thoughts running through my mind helped me ease back from the threatening climax and I took a deep breath to help push it away a little further.

“Such good girls. I want you to kiss each other slow, work up to tongue-fucking fast and hard.” Alice moaned against my lips. When her tongue slipped past my lips again, I pressed my fingers between her thighs. I moved my tongue against hers in slow rhythm while I stroked her swollen lips. Long, slow strokes of my fingers, long slow swirls of our tongues.

It wasn’t long before she matched her fingers to mine and we were writhing on the bed together.

“That’s enough, ladies. Turn over. Faces down, asses up.” We complied quickly with Eddie’s gentle commands. I felt the heat of his breath on my ass, my netherlips. I spread my knees open for him and he spanked me on both cheeks.

“Good girl. Let’s see what you’ve got wrapped up in this cottony-goodness.” Eddie reached with both hands for my panties. I could see him thanks to the mirrored headboard and mirrored closet door. He ripped them off and slid fingers between my thighs. I couldn’t help myself and rocked back and forth.

“Naughty girl, trying to speed things up.” Eddie slapped me on the ass cheeks again and moved over to Alice. He rubbed her and she moaned into the comforter, lifting her ass higher for him. He ripped her panties off and tossed them aside.

“Good girl. I think you still need a spanking.” He spanked Alice on the ass a few times and she whimpered into the comforter.

Once he was satisfied with spanking us, and damn my ass was hot, he grabbed Alice and lowered her feet to the floor. I knew he was inside her because Alice grabbed the comforter and held on. The bed shook beneath us, the headboard banging up against the wall. I wanted to touch myself, but Eddie hadn’t given us permission. Alice started screaming and moaning, the comforter balled up so tight in her fists that her knuckles were white.

Eddie and I fucked but holy shit, he’d never ridden me so hard.

When he let her go, Alice was left panting, glowing with perspiration, and her hands still clenched. Eddie crawled onto the bed behind me and his cock pushed all the way into me with one hard thrust. I grabbed the pillow and pulled it to me just in time to muffle a scream.

Eddie didn’t stop and he shifted his hips in a way that felt like he’d touched every nerve. I felt like my body was on fire. The climax hit so fast, I had no warning. I was engulfed and drowning in pleasure. I bit into the pillow and cried out my pleasure with every hard thrust.

And then he pulled out. I collapsed next to Alice who watched us, serenity on her beautiful face. I reached over and moved some stray locks off her face. Eddie started stroking himself again, this time right by our faces. Alice and I were instantly energized.

“C’mon girls. Get a taste of us.” Alice and I ran our tongues down his rod while he held it for us. We cleaned him completely and then Alice sucked on his balls while I slid my lips down his shaft. He grabbed me by my thick curls and shoved deeper into my mouth, into my throat.

“Oh that’s it, suck it, baby.” It wasn’t long before Eddie pulled out just enough to fill my mouth and dribble some down onto Alice’s face. She wiped it up with her fingers and cleaned them off, giggling all pornstarish. I couldn’t help myself and started giggling, too. Eddie laid down in between us and we cuddled close. I had promised Eddie that we’d be his all day and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

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