TMI Tuesday: This or That?

I wanted to try some more new things to get my muse all worked up, so here’s TMI Tuesday fun for you!

1 – Lights on or off?

Honestly, I don’t think this matters to me. It matters what my partner would want, though. If they prefer the lights off, then I’m cool with it. It makes all that touching and caressing and groping for happy spots a little more enticing.

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?

While I am more of a let’s do this and go home type, I again defer to my partner. We can get it on or we can take it slow. Personally, I’ve experienced lowering my pants, bending over, and having a screaming orgasm within six minutes. I’ve also gone the bubble bath, chatting, let’s watch some porn and then a nice slow fuck route. I’m a Pisces, we tend to defer, however it doesn’t make me a submissive.

3 – Giver or receiver?

If we’re talking oral, I prefer giving. I feel bad since I don’t really get off or … well anything during oral sex. It’s not them, it’s definitely me. I’m just not built for it. Fucking? Definitely receiving. I don’t care to be on top as it doesn’t hit me the right way and tends to cause me more discomfort than being on bottom.

4 – Background noise or no?

I can’t recall using any kind of background music or tv to drown out the sound of having sex. I’ve had porn on in the background, but otherwise, no specific background noise required. I’m also more likely to stop everything we’re doing and talk to you about the song or show or whatever if it ends up being something I love or hate.

5 – Top or bottom?

I prefer bottom. Bend me over, put my legs over your shoulder, whatever, just don’t make me be on top. It’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t hit my happy places, and I’ll be more inclined to hurt you in return if you cause me pain.

6 – Private or public?

This is a good one. I’ve been naughty and had sex in cars, but in remote places. I’m more of a bend me over the couch, the bed, or take me doggie style on the floor type.

Bonus Questions:

Worst Sexual Encounter? He drank so much he couldn’t function, kept me up talking all fucking night, and I practically had to kick him out. It was the worst thing ever.

Best? Mmm… That time I saw stars, probably stopped breathing for about two minutes. He was actually concerned for a few moments, but fuck that was blissful.

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  1. Great answers!
    I would love it if my partner suddenly dropped her pants and said ‘fuck me!’. Not so much if halfway through she suddenly said “Omigod, I haven’t heard this song in years! turn it up – they used to be my favourite band”

    1. Yeah, it’s difficult to separate things. On top of that, if the relationship ends on a bad note, whatever was playing in the background is something that just dredges up memories with them I’d rather forget and I hate it when it ruins something I love.

  2. Great answers! I am the same way in that if it is what my partner prefers, I am good with that. I prefer being on the bottom rather than the top like you, but for different reasons.

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