Masturbation Monday: Obey

Welcome back for another week of Masturbation Monday! Today, I have something new and exciting for you. I really hope you enjoy this, and please forgive me, because I’ve never written anything like this and I’ve never written in second person. It went a little more in depth than I thought it would. Originally, the goal was to write a list of commands for submissives to obey and it became so much more. I think this might be something fun for couples (or polys) to try out, but anyone can follow the commands if they so wish.

Story Quote for Obey
Do you have the desire to continue, or will you speak the safe word?

The room is well-lit and comfortably warm. It’s stylishly appointed with a king-size bed topped with beautiful bedding and lots of pillows. There’s also a mini-fridge, a television, and the bathroom is hidden away in the corner. Think of a five-star hotel room. But this isn’t a hotel room, it’s an adventure. Something different, something exciting. Something unexpected.

The TV turns on and starts playing sexy music. There’s a beat that is irresistible and in the background, there are people gasping, moaning, and sighing in pleasure. The scene on the TV shows people kissing, touching, and fucking.

After a few moments, everything changes. A voice comes from the speakers discretely hidden around the room. A commanding voice in surround sound.

Will you do as the voice commands or will you flee the scene?

“Strip off your clothing.”

“Fold them neatly.”

“I said neatly. Start again.”

There must be cameras in the room. They’re watching, making sure the commands are followed to the letter. Tossing the clothing on the chair in the corner of the room is not considered ‘neat’.

“Good. Now we can continue. Suck the first two fingers of your right hand. Make it hot. Pretend they’re covered in something that’s delicious.”

As a minute passes, sounds of pleasure slip through the walls of the room. Someone nearby is moaning, letting their climax be heard loud and clear.

“Nice.” The voice has softened a little, as if they are feeling good, perhaps they’re getting hot and bothered from watching you suck your fingers.

“Use your other hand to squeeze your nipples.”

“Squeeze harder.”

“I said harder.” The commanding voice sounds harsh. The softness has gone away.

Another minute passes before the voice returns. “Much better. Lay on the bed and spread your legs wide. Caress and touch yourself all over, except between your legs.”

The voice is alluring, provocative. Will you continue to follow the commands given?

“Yes, spread those legs wide, run your hands over your body. Hide nothing. Roll around if you want, rub yourself against the covers. Feel it against your flesh like a loving caress.”

The voice becomes breathy once again. Perhaps this dominant is touching themselves as you follow orders. The better you comply, the more pleasure they experience.

“There’s lubricant in the nightstand next to the bed. Get it.”

Not just any lube is what you’ve found, but your favorite. How did they know? That’s not the only thing in the drawer. There are dildos and vibrators and butt plugs. There are beads and nipple clamps and pocket pussies. Is your heart racing yet? Are you excited for the next command?

“Pick out a dildo, something small. Apply the lube and then get back onto the bed.” Following the commands alone keeps you on edge, a slight high, as if you dropped something expensive, but ninja skills kicked in and you caught it perfectly.

“Place your ass in the air and put the dildo in your ass.”

Unsure of which way to face, you decide watching the images of people touching and kissing and fucking will help you keep in the right mindset. Your ass is high in the air and you’re working the dildo into your ass. It doesn’t take too long since it’s small and well-lubed, and it does the job. The ache between your legs to be touched, to be caressed keeps rising.

“Get the nipple clamps and apply them now.” The voice sounds like it’s on the verge of losing control, each word a gasp or a moan. Thoughts run through your head for a few seconds at what might be happening to this person giving orders.

Reaching over, the nipple clamps are right there on top now. Grabbing them, you pinch and twist your nipples in quick succession so they peak beautifully before applying the clamps. Moans escape you with the pain and pleasure as they kick your heart into high gear.

More sounds from other rooms leak through the thin walls. Hearing others experiencing pleasure along with you, causes you to touch yourself between your legs.

“Disobedience will not be tolerated!” The voice is a roar through the speakers and you freeze, panic sweeping through you. The door to your room is flung open. A person clothed from head to toe in leather enters the room. Two others follow behind. Two of the brutes flip you onto your belly and hold you down.

“Five swats on each cheek for disobeying.”

The leader proceeds to swat your ass cheeks, one side, then the other. The punishment is fast and merciless, squirming is of no use, but you try regardless. The nipple clamps dig in as they hold you against the bed, eliciting pockets of pain down sensitive nerves.

When they are done, your cheeks are red and tender. Not much time is given to even catch your breath or wipe the tears before the disembodied dominant speaks another command.

“Rub your ass, feel the punishment you’ve been given. Revel in the pain.”

Do you have the desire to continue, or will you speak the safe word?

Clenching your own ass is both pleasurable and it smarts. Little twinges of pain work their way up, but the more you massage and squeeze, the less pain. Your breathing returns to normal and you wonder what will happen now?

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yes.” You don’t recognize your own voice at first. You’re not sure the dominant heard you. “Yes.”

“Will you obey?”

“Yes.” The simple word is stronger this time. So much power in such a short, little word.

“Get a medium vibrator from the drawer and lube it up. Remove the dildo from your ass and replace it with the vibrator. Turn the power on.”

Commands are firing at you quickly now, you grab the lube which had fallen to the floor in the frenzy of punishment. You’d never closed the drawer, so it’s easy to find a medium-sized vibrator. Removing the dildo takes a few pleasure-filled moments. And then you’re riding the vibrator, slowly pushing it into yourself, squatting and bouncing on the bed. The headboard helps keep you from falling over.

When it’s all the way in, you hesitate, but not for long, just for a blink or two. Finally, you obey and turn the vibrator on. Your moans join the cacophony that’s been seeping through the walls during your time here. Sensations engulf your ass, vibrations travel and tease you between your thighs. Arousal is obvious and in order to keep yourself from reaching the forbidden zone again, you hold onto the headboard with both hands, knuckles white.

“Do you wish to continue?”


“Remove the nipple clamps.”

The command is so simple and yet you know that when you remove them both pain and pleasure will zip throughout your entire nervous system. But you obey. Between the toy, the stinging of your ass, and the sensations returning to your nipples, it’s almost amazing that you don’t climax right then and there. But you need something more.

“Choose a toy to use between your legs.”

Joy fills you. The dominant must be pleased to allow this pleasure. You pick out a toy and wonder if you’re allowed to lube it up. As you reach for the lube, the Punishment Team from earlier come back through the door. They’re carrying coils of rope.

“Will you submit?”

Heart pounding in your chest, you know you need to give them an answer before the turn around and leave. “Yes.”

The three leather-clad figures bind you to the bed, body spread out in an X. One figure takes the toy you chose from the drawer and lubes it up with the bottle you let go of just moments before. Zippers on the masks become unzipped. Two mouths descend upon your body, one for each nipple. The toy you chose is utilized expertly by the other figure. Hands caress you, tongues flick and swirl. The ropes hold you in place, but you have some room to writhe against the bed, to press yourself tighter to the mouths suckling your skin.

They push you, further and further up to the edge and then take it away. Every time you’re close they change things. You think you can’t take anymore, that you’ll go mad without release. And then you realize that you said yes to submitting, but you’ve never asked for permission to orgasm.

“Please!” Another simple word with so much meaning.

“Please what?” The voice is warm, and endearing, and in the room with you, not through the speakers this time. The voice is wielding the toy between your legs.

“Please may I come, master?”


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  1. OMG. Scorching hot! I like the use of second person here, it works 🙂 I think you have the dominant’s personality just right here – a lot of the time they can come over as too much, but here it’s clear that it’s a game. I also like the fact that the safe word is mentioned – so very important!

    1. I had planned mentioning signing up for a naughty getaway and the strange paperwork involved, but it was already 1400 words… and it’s hard to break something like this up. 😀
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. i have written in second person – it just felt right when i did it – it creates a very closed atmosphere and a really intense read – just as you have – great post

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