How to Gain Sexual Empowerment with Rosy Wellness

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Who is Rosy?

We create solutions to empower women on their journey toward sexual wellness.

-Rosy Wellness

Right now, in the world we live in, sex education, empowerment, and freedom are being undermined again. Rosy is one of the companies standing tall to help women find their sexual well-being in a world that wants to take it away. With the plans they offer, you can have a happier, healthier (and spicier if you’re looking to go down that path) sex life.

Why am I promoting Rosy?

Screenshot of Wrong Number on the Rosy App

I’m promoting Rosy because I have a story published there. I removed a story titled Wrong Number from the blog. I revised it and extended the story for their needs. Thanks to Dr. J. for her editing prowess – this story is hotter and better written than it was before.

Story Summary: It’s over. I know this, but I can’t seem to shake you from my mind. Giving into temptation, I tap your name on my phone once more. Somebody answers, but it’s not you. Something tells me not to hang up and explore this new fun I found.

Erotica is an excellent way to explore sexual fantasies in a safe, comfortable way. Rosy takes it a step further by offering coaching and articles to help you learn more about what kind of sexual person you want to become. There are different Wellness Plans you can choose from and you can even book coaching sessions.

Try Before You Buy

The Rosy Team asked authors for recommendations and feedback after giving us access to the app so we could see behind the scenes. I asked for two things. 1) Include author names in the emails promoting new stories because if someone has a favorite author, they’ll tap that link hard and fast. 2) Codes for authors to share in order to promote Rosy and help them grow.

With the Silver Membership, you’ll have access to over 100 erotic stories, a Personalized Wellness Plan, and access to educational content. (Bonus: Hands-Free Audiotainment. Some stories have immersive narration and audio to put you right in the story.) So, if you’re interested in giving them a test drive, use code MISCHA at checkout and enjoy one month free for the Silver Membership.

Please note: The membership will be auto-renew at the full price once the promotional month is complete. This is not an affiliate link.

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