Adventures in Writing: When Life Goes Kablooey

Adventures in Writing

I’ve been attempting to sit down and do all the things for over a week now and I’m still getting things done, just not the things I need want to do. And the list has grown.

Things on my list:

  • Walking daily
  • Writing at least 500 words in my novella daily (currently at 4400ish/25000ish words)
  • make broccoli slaw Friday for Saturday
  • create a slide show for my daughter’s engagement party on Saturday
  • I don’t even know at this point.

I will tell you this though. Lately, my laundry has been done. There are still baskets and items on the couch, but that’s mostly underwear and matching socks and tank tops. I hate having to get into a drawer for those things and it’s just easier to leave it all in the damn basket. My house is a lot cleaner because instead of saying “I’ll get to it in a bit” I use the #5SecondRule and get off my ass to just fucking do it now. Dishes get done, dinner gets cooked and eaten, things get wiped down, the tv has been off more than on lately and I think Hulu misses me. Netflix doesn’t even notice I’m gone y’all.

I’ve been doing my damnedest to get my steps in. I still write on my break instead of walking or sleeping or eating. I eat lunch at noon at my desk and take it later in the afternoon. This helps two things, my lovelies. My morning may be longer than most but taking my break at 2 in the afternoon means I get to leave anywhere from 2 hours or an hour and a half afterwards. That is something to look forward to, let me tell ya. Oh wait, I just did.

The walking thing is hard. If It’s a really muggy day, I can’t walk as fast and it takes longer to get those steps in. I hate pacing the house, unless I’m cleaning. Yesterday, I left the house right after I got home to go for a walk. That helped a lot, but it was a little stuffy and I was having issues finding something to listen to (which I will remedy today) and that makes it difficult. I prefer listening to a podcast or audiobook while walking. That way I am learning or being inspired and I feel like it’s hitting my multi-tasking button.

Today I need to go to the store to pick up all the broccoli slaw ingredients. Hopefully a double-batch will mean everyone will get some. I’m hoping to post this today. By the time it gets posted, I’ll probably have been to the store and back. I promise, I have the recipe and that means I have the ingredient list. I’m absolutely sure I won’t forget anything. I also have a non-recipe list. Let’s hope I remember those things.

What’s going on in your life today? What has been derailed due to other obligations that popped up? Are you doing okay? Have you heard about the #5SecondRule? It’s helping me get shit done.

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  1. I’m slowly decompressing after a hectic fortnight. Best wishes with getting through your list.

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