Wicked Wednesday: Shopping

Welcome to another week of Wicked Wednesday! Have you ever had an interesting shopping trip? Well, this woman did.

Story Quote Shopping
Panic and pleasure coursed through my body. Who was I to let a stranger tie me up in his office?

There were just so many kinds of rope. It was overwhelming, all the choices. I wondered what the difference was, so I started playing with them, caressing the samples hanging on the wall.

“May I be of assistance?” The gruff voice made me jump. I thought I was alone.

“Perhaps. I’m a little out of my element.” I pointed to the item on my list. “All he says here is rope, but it’s the one item my brother didn’t give me specific details about.”

“Is he here with you? We could have him paged to the aisle if you’d like.” A small smile was concealed by his thick beard. Fiery eyes looked me up and down. I had to be ten years older than the young man, but I felt as though we were checking me over.

“No, he has a broken leg, can’t even use the stuff. I should just put everything back and make him do this when he can walk again.” I grabbed the cart and started to head back towards the exit.

“I’m sure we can get the right rope your brother wants, but what type of rope would you prefer to be bound with?” His gaze softened when he watched me. In another way, he also appeared cocky with the slight smile, more of a smirk, and raised an eyebrow.

I can’t help but wonder if his beard would be soft against my thighs. I shook my head, throwing the thought as far away as I could. “I’m sorry, did you say what rope would I want to be bound with? I’m not that kind of woman.” The need was apparent in my voice. I did look at photos and watched videos of women being bound by burly men, men like the one before me here. And wondered.

“If I were to bind you, I would use this delicate black rope against your pale skin. And this red to accent it. Neither leave behind traces for long.” He glanced over me again, roaming over my body slow and steady.

I could almost feel myself being bound just by the way he looked at me. Flushed with excitement, I fanned myself with the flyer they’d given me when I walked in the door. “I… I’m really, um…” I cleared my throat, unable to get the words out. I wasn’t that kind of woman, but hell I wanted to be.

I wanted to be decorated in ropes and suspended for him to gaze upon me like a work of art.

“Come with me. Give me fifteen minutes of your time and I’ll show you what you’re craving.” He pulled a bundle of black rope, the same coil he’d pointed out to me. Then, he took my hand. Within moments, we were in a hidden office, the door locked, my sundress draped over the chair. When he realized I was naked beneath the dark dress, his eyes gleamed with excitement.

Rope wrapped around me, pulled tight and knotted over my torso, my hips, and between my legs. When he started tightening certain lines as he bound me, a knot rubbed against my clit.

Biting my lip and tightening my jaw did not prevent the moan he caused.

“God, you’re so beautiful. Is your phone in your purse? I want to show you how beautiful you are.” Before I could say something, he had it in his large hands.

He didn’t have to unlock it to open the camera and he flipped it so I could see. He turned me this way and that, giving me the best view possible.

Panic and pleasure coursed through my body. Who was I to let a stranger tie me up in his office?

The name tag he wore could be a fictional name for all I knew. Seeing myself bound captivated me.

I wished I had mirrors to examine myself. There was no way I could let him take a photo.

“You’re incredible.” I sounded breathless to my own ears.

“I’d like to see you again.” Within moments I was untied and he wound the rope up into the neat coil it had been fifteen minutes ago.

“Yes.” My heart skipped a beat as the word left my lips. I was out of my mind. I grabbed my sundress and slid it back down, hands shaking as I took my phone from him. “Where?”

He handed me a card, the name of a club and an address in plain serif font. “We can meet there. It’s a safe place and I’m well known. I’m there on Wednesdays from eight to close. Will you come?”

“Yes. I’ll come, but only to see you.” Grabbing my purse, I tossed the card and my phone into it, then fiddled with the lock seeking to escape the office. My body was in a panic but, in my mind, I knew what I wanted.

“I look forward to it.”

His words resonated with me as the marks on my arms faded. I fast-walked out of the store and drove home. It wasn’t until I stepped into the house that I realized I hadn’t bought anything and that I’d left the cart there full of the items.

I hoped my clerk wasn’t stuck putting them back, but somehow, I reckoned he wouldn’t mind either.


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  1. I need to go shopping with this chick. None of my trips EVER end like this. Ever. But they should. Maybe I need to go shopping with John Brownstone more often, lol.

    1. I’ve never had a trip end like this, but I have wondered what would happen if I walked into the local big hardware stores and started molesting the rope…

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