Procrastination, The Enemy Within

A Penny for your Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, these are all things that needed doing (especially eating lunch, food is VERY important. DO NOT let other authors tell you that you have to be starving and hangry to write. JUST. DON’T.)

I did write almost 700 words, but it certainly wasn’t my goal. There are days where I have written 55 words. Literally, only 55 words. Insane, right? I mean, you’re mouth is probably hitting the floor gathering flies about now. I’ve had 75 word days, as well. Then there are the days where I slap down 3400+ words in one sitting (not including bathroom and water bottle refilling trips – these are usually combined into one trip).

I try to write on my lunch as well, which makes things interesting. Some days I only get a few dozen words down and other days I’ll write over 500. It mostly depends on how often I am interrupted on my lunch. (It really sucks not being rich or a mega-millions lottery winner and I have to actually keep a day job.)

I’m not even entirely sure what the point of this post is supposed to be.

Oh, wait. Yes, I do. It’s about not beating yourself up on those days where you only write 55 words. Or 0 words. (I have plenty of those days, too!) A lot of time it just seems like while I can envision what I want to happen, see it clear as the sunshine outside the window beckoning me to come sit in it, I can’t always find the words.

I also have issues with Word and the Grammar/Style checker, which I posted about and (of course) got some serious flack for as well. Because, yes I know that I can turn it off. I like having it turned ON because it reminds me Hey idjit*, did you want to write that in passive? because you WROTE IT IN PASSIVE.’ and that helps me process and fix. Yes, there are some things that I will fix right away, such as writing in passive voice (unless it’s okay being passive).

While I didn’t reach my goal, I did get some actual writing done. I do need to sit down and block out dates and times specifically set aside for writing and then not decide to binge on the NINE seasons they just added to Netflix of Criminal Minds. Right? RIGHT! (riiight)

*idjit = coined by Bobby from Supernatural.

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