Smutty Thought of the Day: Strawberry Shortcake

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Oh this one is interesting, folx.

This morning, the Roommate and her guy friend get up and she’s like ‘omg, ask him what he tried to do last night.’

So, of course, I ask. I mean, who am I if not good at following instructions?

Personally, I have no idea how any guys survive hanging out with us, we really don’t hide anything from each other. We do have privacy, but literally we tell each other everything.

From what I was told, he was hanging off the side of the bed with his head and said ‘come over here and give me some of that strawberry shortcake.’

First, I already knew it was shark week for the Roommate. Second, I know she doesn’t do anything on her period.

I just shook my head, laughed and said ‘nice try, man.’

Or something along those lines.

Anyway, doing some research I found that what he wanted isn’t accurate. Also, can someone tell me why the Urban Dictionary definitions don’t have embed links? Seriously, get on it. lol

I found what I was looking for on page two.

Strawberry Shortcake definition – link will take you to search, not this definition.

There were so many non-sex related definitions of Strawberry Shortcake I didn’t think I’d find one. Okay, not that many. I mean, I did find this one on page two. There is another about a woman masturbating on her period, but that didn’t fit the couple-scenario I was working with this morning. Also, this isn’t even technically what he was referring to doing either.

Is there a word or phrase for giving oral sex during shark week? Share it with me and I’ll add another Smutty Thought post!

I know plenty of people who just say it’s ‘nature’s lube’ and that’s cool. Everyone has their sexual preferences and that’s why negotiation and consent is important.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments?

What are your thoughts about period sex? Is it a fetish or just a bit kinky? Or is just normal sex but during menstruation?

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  1. It never bothered me. I’ve only had sex a few times when a woman was on her period. Timing, I guess. Anyway, one insisted on “cleansing” first. The other times we fucked in a shower, and not always with running water initially. Oral’s fine; just need the usual hygiene.

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