Sizzling Nibbles: Black-Hearted Thieves

This Sizzling Nibbles has run a little long, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Enjoy!

Sizzling Nibbles

Dean jumped off the roof and fell. The system kicked in as programmed and slowed him to a crawl, then a stop. Maneuvering with exquisite grace, he went to cut the glass. A light came on under the door to the office he was about to bust into and he pushed himself over to the one next to it, just as the office door opened. Dean hoped he was in luck and the person wouldn’t notice the rope angling over the corner of the window as he held to the recess.

The person wasn’t in there for very long, probably just a janitor emptying trash. The light went off a few moments after it had turned on. Dean returned to the window and decided against using the glass cutter. He pulled out a tube and squirted a circle large enough for him to fit through onto the pane. As soon as he was done, he grasped a suction cup attached to another rope and removed the piece of glass. He slipped into the office and unclipped from the lines.

Humming under his breath, Dean flipped on the little desk light, then turned on the computer. He plugged in the flash drive kept in a velcroed pocket. After punching a key combination into the computer, the flash drive started running the code cracking software his hacker buddy said would get him in and out in under five minutes.

Dean watched the time. The light outside the door came back on and he held his breath, hoping that he wasn’t about to be caught. There wasn’t really a way to hide the hole in the glass. Stepping with caution, he walked over and pushed the button in on the door knob. It probably hadn’t been locked earlier but this would give him a few moments if someone were about to walk in to escape out the hole.

He could hear someone rustling around outside the office, which is possibly where a secretary or some other kind of assistant sat. How odd would it be if he weren’t the only thief in the building? Unable to help himself, telling himself how stupid it was to do this, he turned the knob with a slow precision. While doing so, he held the lock button in place so it wouldn’t make a noise as it popped out. When he had it wide enough to see, he couldn’t trust his eyes.

“Jessica,” the name was whispered, but not low enough to keep her from hearing him in the silence. He could see the few red strands of hair slipping from under the hat that hid it as she searched through the assistant’s desk drawers. She looked amazing. Thief-black always had been her color and the way she wore the clothing accentuated how fit she was. Between yoga and gymnastics, to give her strength and flexibility, they also gave her a body that caused mouth-watering in any person with eyes.

When she turned, her eyes wide with shock, he couldn’t help but smile at her. It had been quite awhile since they’d seen each other last. They didn’t work together any longer, not after The Incident. The next thing he knew, Dean was waking up in the office he’d broken into, his hands and ankles tied to the chair. Jessica stood over him and the pain in his jaw kicked in.

“OW.” Unable to touch the pain, which would be a bad idea anyway, made it hurt even more. He knew he was going to have a bruise and probably swelling if he didn’t put ice on it soon.

The tools of his trade were all placed on the desk with the neatness of OCD. Jessica paced back and forth from wall-to-wall.

“What are you doing here, Dean,” she stopped pacing long enough to slam her hands on the desk, which made him jump. He wasn’t used to her being like this. Jessica was serious when it came to work, but she was never violent. Something must be going on.

“Same thing you are, I suppose,” his lips slid into his sarcastic smile, but it caused him pain and caused him to wince. “Did you have to hit me?”

Jessica smiled, “You earned it from the last time we worked together. I didn’t get the chance to pay you back for what you put me through.” She leaned over him, the chair he was in rocked back and she held him at a semi-reclined angle. He froze, worry slicing through him about what she might do.

Dean went to speak, but nothing came out when Jessica’s tongue traced a line along his jaw, then she shoved it into his mouth, kissing him with a passion he hadn’t felt in a long time. As they kissed, she unzipped his pants, one hand delving inside to find his cock. At the touch of Jessica’s hot, firm fingers circling his length, he moaned into her mouth.

Before he realized what was happening, she was on her knees between his spread thighs. Lips and tongue teased the head of his cock and another moan erupted from his throat. Able to thrust his hips up to meet her exploring mouth, Dean closed his eyes and allowed her to tease him. Jessica forced her mouth further down his length, inch by aching inch, she swallowed him down.

Dean’s breathing was out of control and he knew if he didn’t regain it, he’d blow his load down her throat way too early. In his mind, he put himself elsewhere for a few heartbeats to regain control. When his breathing finally slowed and his heart lowered itself from his throat, he focused on Jessica’s sucking mouth. One thing Jessica had always been excellent at: using her mouth.

Jessica pulled her mouth off just before he exploded down her throat and Dean gasped at the shock. Droplets leaked out of the head of his cock, dribbling down the length. Turning, she lowered her leggings and with one hand, separated her pussy lips, while with the other she guided him between them. As the head of his cock finally slid passed the slick tightness of her entrance, Dean thrust up as hard as he could while somewhat immobilized.

The sound that came from Jessica when he did that caused him to do it again, and then again, as she mewled and squirmed her way further down his length. Dean leaned forward and nipped the back of her neck none to gently, causing her to yelp again. She didn’t pull away though, she moved faster while on top of him, slamming herself down.

They were passed the point of no return, into the mindless animal-like frenzy as they both lost control and the muffled noise of skin-slapping echoed off the walls of the office. Dean spewed his load into the depths of Jessica and collapsed back against the chair. She leaned forward, resting on the desk as they both fell from dizzying heights of desire.

After a few moments, Jessica stood and grabbed handfuls of tissues from the box on the desk. She shoved a few between her legs to capture their mingled climax. With a gentleness he’d not seen in many years, she cleaned off his cock and tucked it back where she found it, zipping his pants back up with a care not to hurt him. He was grateful but then his jaw started aching as he came down from the adrenaline rush.

Jessica smirked as she cleaned herself up and put the tissues in the trash. Dean raised an eyebrow at that, the fact she was leaving behind their DNA at a break-in told him something more was going on. He left it alone for the moment. Jessica waved and walked out of the office, leaving him there, tied up, in the dark.

“Well, if I haven’t been fucked twice.”

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