Erotic Journal Challenge: What Makes Someone A Good Lover?

Erotic Journal Challenge – 03.07.2022

In what ways is your partner a good lover?

I can’t answer this question since I don’t currently have a partner. Sure, I’m seeing someone, but we haven’t reached the partner-level yet. Will we? That remains to be seen. Do I think he’d be a good lover? Yes. We did get to have some fun time together.

From what I have experienced with him, we are comfortable with each other naked and we are learning how to communicate with one another. Apparently, I make him blush because I think he’s sexy as fuck.

Or what makes someone a good lover for/to you?

Communication and Compromise are keywords when it comes to being a good lover. I need someone willing to work with me both in and out of the bedroom. I’m interested in hearing what they like and I need them to hear me when I ask for something specific.

I’m always discussing things with the current hot guy. If there are things he’d like to try or things he doesn’t have any interest in. Having these conversations outside the bedroom means we’ll have better sex… anywhere we decide to have sex.

In what ways are you a good lover?

I do my best to listen to what my partner needs. Sometimes I can be a little rough. My nails are kept sharp, so I always have to remember not to dig into them unless they want me to. I’ve been known to leave marks that last a few weeks.

During sex, I want to hear him. I want him to use his words or his moans to tell me I’m doing that thing he likes the best. Let me see those eyes roll back into your head or grip the sheets until your knuckles are white. Grab a pillow to muffle your moans if we’re trying to be quiet.

Talk to me during and after to let me know you’re having a good time. Talk dirty to me and tell me what you want me to do more often.

And what improvements or changes do you long for?

I hope the communication I’ve been having back and forth with the hot guy is enough to build a solid foundation for good sex in the future. Our schedules don’t always match and his busy season is about to kick into high gear. I’d like to see him more, but I’m being patient and waiting.

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