A Penny for Your Thoughts: Sharing from Your Kindle

We’re all very busy people! Who has time to write reviews? (Please keep writing reviews, I’m being a wee bit sarcastic here!)

A Penny for your Thoughts

There’s a feature I stumbled upon accidentally when I highlighted some text. I knew about highlighting previously – for like reference and to copy and search, or maybe get a definition for a word. However, I had never before seen the Share option! It’s probably been there for awhile. Hell, they probably put an email out that I deleted about the feature – who knows. I didn’t know it was there.

Anyway, you can highlight some text, say a favorite quote from a book you’re reading, click SHARE and bam, choose where you want to share it. Amazon will include some silly text like “Check out this quote” which I promptly delete because tweets only hold 140 280 characters.

But that’s not all! Wait, there’s more!

The Kindle (Fire or Phone/Tablet App) promptly links to the book! On some it linked directly to the Look Inside and included the ‘Buy’ link at the top. Others linked directly to the book page. So, if you love something you’re reading and want to share it on social media, it’s gotten much easier!

Here are some pretty screenshots I took on my phone to show you:

This is a great way for readers and authors to promote the stories they’re reading and enjoying. What are you reading? Find your favorite sentence and highlight it, then share it with the (social media) world. And if you enjoy boys kissing boys, zany adventures across the universe, defeating enemies with music, and lots of naughty sex, Horatio Slice will be rejoining the world again in 2023!

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