Masturbation Monday: Touch

Touch is such a huge thing when it comes to learning about your own body, your own needs, and desires. Touch is important when it comes to figuring out what you need to get off so that you can teach someone else and learn in turn.

Story Quote: Masturbation Monday Touch

Running my hands down my skin with a light touch, barely-there caress, caused a shiver down my spine, tingles along my skin, and wetness between my legs. It had been so long since I’ve had a moment alone, that I couldn’t stop touching myself. Once I lovingly booted the last kid out of the house for the school bus, I’d locked the front door and stripped out of my clothing.

A trail of clothing could be found from the front door to the bedroom. I just had to take them off. Putting them on and wearing them when I was all alone – ridiculous. After a hot shower, standing under the spray and scrubbing my skin to softness until the water temperature lessened, had been my first choice.

Of course, the shower hadn’t lasted as long as it felt. Only about forty minutes’ tops. I had two more hours to take advantage of before hitting my cleaning schedule. So, I lay down in bed, my favorite toy next to me, and my favorite erotic film site pulled up. Touching myself while I watched the videos increased my desire to get off.

I pinched my nipples and teased my clit. I sucked on my fingers and writhed against the clean sheets. Stretching my hands up and my feet down, I was able to get rid of more kinks stress had created over the past couple of weeks.

As he spoke, Master was unbuckling and removing his belt.

The videos kept me teased and tormented along with my fingertips, nails, and random pinches. Digging my nails into my inner thigh, but not touching my pussy was difficult. I needed this though, the buildup. I wanted to fucking explode.

Squeezing my breasts and smashing them together sparks something deep inside my core. I know there will be finger marks left in my flesh, but I don’t care. I squeeze even harder to make certain that there’s something left behind. And then a shadow engulfs me, my eyes flicker open.

“You’re home.”

“Yes. I had a feeling I might find my sweet girl doing naughty things when the house emptied today. I scheduled an offsite meeting with a potential client that doesn’t exist.” As he spoke, Master was unbuckling and removing his belt. He slid it through his fingers, snapping it together.

Lust and love filled my every cell. The simple fact that he would be here flooded my heart and soul. “What will you do with me, Sir?” I widened my eyes, pouted my lips and flaunted my nakedness before him.

Sir’s chest heaved and I could see the struggle to contain himself as he watched me preen. “On your belly, now.”

When I turned over, I made sure to sway my ass in front of him. He grabbed me and pulled me off the bed until I was bent over before him. His cock pressed against me through his trousers and, being the naughty lust-filled girl, I pumped my ass up and down against his package.

“Bad girl. You’re going to get a spanking.” Master rubbed the leather belt up and down my flesh. The first smack was gentle and I giggled. The second smack was not so placid and I whined.

“Will you be a good girl for me or do you want to keep getting spankings?” The leather smacked me again, stinging sensitive flesh.

“I want to be a good girl for you, Master.” He rubbed my ass cheeks, but spanked me one more time as a reminder. I lifted up onto my toes, making a show of my ass before him. I knew I was leaking my desire all over the comforter.

“Look at you. Such a bad girl with such a wet pussy.” One hand he sunk into my hair and pulled while the other slapped my pussy in staccato. Just hard enough to entice and tease and torment.

I pinched my nipples and teased my clit.

“Please, Sir.” The whine of need engulfed me and I hoped it would convince him to give me what I wanted most.

“Time to turn around.” He lets my hair go until I was turned so my head hung over the edge of the bed. He was a tall man and the bed was higher than normal. I didn’t wrap my lips around his shaft. I simply opened and held myself there to be used by him.

In and out, my master shoved his cock, deeper with each thrust until I swallowed his length. His hands wrapped in my hair keeping me in position as he fucked my throat. The sounds coming from me made him even more excited and I could feel his staff thicken and harden. Faster with each new thrust, I thought for sure he’d shoot down my throat, but his control was too great.

Master slipped himself carefully from my throat and mouth, drenched in sticky saliva. “Undress me, girl.” He stepped back and waited.

I moved quickly to undo his shirt and finish removing his pants. His shorts and undershirt were next. I folded each item and placed them on the side table neatly.

“What video were you watching when I entered.” He grabbed the laptop and restarted the film. When he saw what I’d been watching, he looked at me with the evilest smile that had ever graced his lips.

My skin flushed from head to toe when he saw what I’d been watching. I had never been interested in certain things that my Sir was and they were hard limits for me. I asked how he would think of me watching the videos.

“Are you softening towards these things, girl?”

“I’m not sure, Sir. I was researching it. Playing with myself to see if I could get off watching, to perhaps explore them with you if I felt that I could learn to enjoy them.” Master fixed my hair that he’d messed up and petted me, caressed me, then pulled me into his arms.

“That’s the sweetest thought, my pet. I like that you’re thinking of increasing your limits. You may proceed with this and keep me apprised what you feel. But right now, I want you bent over this bed and your hands behind your back.”

Immediately, I found myself face down on the bed, gentle force on the back of my neck. Master used his belt to tie my hands and then separated my legs wide. He lifted my ass and licked my labia, then tasted the cream I’d been leaking for some time.

When his cock entered, it was with one fast, deep stroke. Balls deep. I was so tight and it had been so long, I cried out both in pain and ecstasy. My head reared back and I almost lifted off the bed, it felt good to be taken like a proper submissive again.

I wasn’t alone in the sounds echoing off the bedroom walls. Master had felt the relief as well. Within moments he was pummeling my pussy with powerful strokes. He reached underneath my body and pinched my nipple. I cried out, trying my damnedest to hold back.

When his cock entered, it was with one fast, deep stroke. Balls deep.

“Sir, please!” He thrust deep into me again. “May I come? Please oh please let me come.” My words were almost screams as I begged for release.

“Not yet.” He growled at me and spanked me on my ass, still tender from earlier. I writhed against the sheets, against him. He spanked me again. “Settle girl.”

I did my best to settle, sucking in air as I tried to hold in the orgasm that I’d started building what seemed like eons ago. “Sir, please, please, please.” I moaned as he thrust up hard into me, pulling my hair to arch my back.

“Please what?” The need I could hear in his voice reverberated through me. Master loved hearing me beg. Beg for his cock, beg to come, beg him for a present, or a night out. I loved this life and I loved him.

“Please let me come, Master. I want to come for you. I want to explode all over this room for you.” I dug my fingernails into the palms of my hands, still secured behind my back, in hopes that a different kind of pain would keep me from falling over that edge.

“You may come now, my good girl.” He rode me with fast, hard strokes and I turned into jelly. I coated his cock and clamped down, milking his cock until he filled me up. I felt as though my skin might vibrate right off of my bones and onto the floor into a puddle. The belt came off and Master massaged my wrists with loving care.

It felt as though ages had passed before I took a deep breath and a low moan of contented happiness slipped from my wanton lips. “Thank you, Sir. I really needed that.”

Master picked me up and cuddled with me on the bed, rubbing and squeezing me as he kissed my neck and shoulder. “Me, too girl. Me too. What time do the kids get home? I think if I call the office and tell them I’m working the rest of the day from home, we can try something you watched earlier.”

Master’s teeth nipped my ear as I considered his words. “The bus stops at the end of the road at three.”

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  1. Were you watching JB and myself before we were Daddy and Babygirl? Back in the Sir and pet days, our interactions were a LOT like this. And I forgot how hot it could be!

  2. The power of touch feels really mysterious to me. Be caressed or pinched in seemingly random places can unexpectedly be a big turn on!

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