Erotic Journal Challenge: Looking Back at February

Erotic Journal Challenge – 02.26.22

Goals for My Erotic Life:

Well, I just found the Erotic Journal Challenge a weekish ago and so far it’s been good. The quizzes were great for learning more about myself as a sexual being. I hope you enjoyed reading my results and your own. Also, I look forward to the future prompts and questions.

I plan to keep exploring my own erotic life. Things that make me get all squirmy and warm inside. The guy I’m talking to right now does that quite well with just a photo of him smiling. Always a plus when they send morning smiles. (Hint Hint Guys, send smiles, not dick pics. You’re welcome.)

Progress Made:

Knowing more about my preferred love languages, finding out interesting things from the erotic blueprint quiz… those have definitely given me something to look at about myself and how I interact with a partner as a sexual being, as a human, as a soul in a meat suit.

During my time being partner-free, it’s helped me learn what I can expect from myself and what I want to receive from and give to a partner. I want to be accepted, not tolerated. The biggest thing is that I want to be in a partnership, not treated as a servant. I hope to find someone who can just hang out, who can have the deep weird conversations, and can light my fire so hot I want to throw myself into the snow to cool down.

Challenges Faced:

The challenges I’m facing are still writing-related. Writing these posts every day have helped. I think there was one quiz I skipped and didn’t post about either and I can’t recall my reasons why. Perhaps it had to do with being in a relationship and, being single but dating, I felt it wasn’t going to make sense to take.

In my dating life, talking to guys on the app, or offering them my number.. it’s a ‘do they really want to get to know me or do they just want to fuck me and why can’t they give me some kind of indication of which one they want?’

The guy I’m currently seeing doesn’t really ask too many questions but is happy to answer them. He’s more than happy to share photos of what he’s doing, details of where he’s going. At this time, I simply consider him new to dating because he said he wasn’t on the app for very long. I was actually kind of shocked he matched with me. (Yes, I told him that, too.)

I also haven’t told him that I write erotica. I have told him that I’m involved in a sex-positive community on social media. He’s not a computer type guy, so it’s not of any interest to him. Which is fine. He has his own things and I have my own things, which I like. We can always find something that can be done together if given a chance.

Thoughts and Comments?

Have you been participating in the Erotic Journal Challenge? Are you enjoying it or finding it difficult? Share in the comments if you so wish!

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How to Participate in the 2022 Erotic Journal Challenge

The Erotic Journal Challenge is no longer in progress and the author’s website has been deleted.

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  1. RE: why can’t they give me some kind of indication of which one they want?’ – Everyone wants things defined, but no one wants definitive, mystery is key methinks 😉

    1. I prefer knowing. If a guy just wants FWB, then I don’t need to get to know him inside his clothes and I don’t have to risk investing emotionally into something more.

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