Wicked Wednesday: Lies

Wicked Wednesday is here again! This week’s prompt is “Recollection”.

Story Quote Wicked Wednesday Lies
When he’d run his fingers down my skin, something inside me would open up to him.

Sitting up in bed, I grumbled to myself, and the cat, about being unable to fall asleep. I looked straight at the empty side of the bed and clenched my jaw. What’s done is done. There’s no turning back.

With a sigh, I grab the unused pillow and drag it under the covers with me. Yanking on the covers to tuck them under my knee, propping up my hip, I rub my face against the pillow the way I used to nuzzle your chest. Forget it. Forget him. Forgive everyone.

I reach for my phone before settling completely into the pillow and blankets to turn on some nature sounds. I just take a deep breath, then let it out. I do it again, then one more time. My heartbeat slows and I close my eyes, hoping that tonight I won’t dream of him.

Dreaming of his touch, his voice, the way he smelled like sex and masculinity, the taste of his lips and cock was too much for me. When he’d run his fingers down my skin, something inside me would open up to him. It felt natural to be with him, like we were supposed to be together. Forever, baby. We’ll be together forever. You’re the only one.

Lies rolled off his luscious lips so easily, so simple. The light in his eyes when we’d come together was intended to be for me, only me. Instead, I lay here alone, with the cat, curled up with a pillow and blankets tucked just so to mimic the position we used to sleep in. The only reason it’s better is the softness of the pillow, no bones to poke me in the ribs, but then there are no boners to wake up to either.

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