Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part Eight

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I have for you here today exactly what you’ve been waiting for – another naughty, teasing, delectable part of Tease. We’re still inside Mack’s head as he tries to gain insight into his own wants and needs.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Tease Part 8
I kissed her hard, leaving no chance of a doubt in her mind that I wanted her.

Cold showers weren’t working. It had been a week since I touched Piper. By the time I got back in town, it was the middle of the night. Pouty lips and her sweet voice begging me to take her filled my dreams. I ached deep inside. No woman ever got a hold of me like this. Figuring out what made Piper special drove me into madness. 

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Ten thousand times I caught myself musing ways to torment her. Ten thousand times I watched the ten-second video she sent me. At this point, I feared being a two-pump chump when I did plunge deep into her. Distracted, reporters had to repeat their questions, photographers had to snap photos two or three times because I was staring off into space. The models all whined that I didn’t pay attention to them any longer. Feelings boiled inside me and I was incapable of deciphering them. 

I had stopped calling Piper during the past week. Every time I heard her voice, I wanted to ask her what she was wearing. I wanted to order her to slide her fingers deep inside and pummel herself until she came, moaning my name over the phone. Hurt feelings poked at me from her text messages. She’d asked me if I was okay and I replied I was fine. It was an outright lie. I wasn’t fine. No, my assessment had been correct. I was screwed. 

All night I tossed and turned, sheets tangled in a mess, sweat breaking out every time I went to touch Piper and she vanished. Rolling out of bed when my alarm blared to life, I decided today was a hot shower kind of day. I stood under the spray, imagining Piper soaked in front of me, on her knees, her mouth wrapped around me as I tangled her hair in my fists. The things I was going to do to her might scare her away. I didn’t want to scare her, I wanted her close, wrapped in my arms, her legs around my waist as she screamed for more. 

When I got to the office, late, she was already there. Setting a cup of coffee and her favorite donut on her desk made her look up at me. “Good morning. I’m sorry if it seemed I was short with you this past week. Can you stay late tonight? There’s a ton of stuff to go over from the show.”

I might let you climax tonight since you greeted me in such a glorious manner.

Piper stared at the donut and then glanced up at me. She was wearing glasses today and when her eyes looked at me over the rims, I almost soaked my pants in jizz. I felt pierced to the soul with the hurt in them. “Please, pet?” 

Something changed then, warmth filled her cheeks and her eyes defrosted. I no longer felt as though I’d been stabbed with a dagger. The slight nod she gave me was enough to boost my ego. “Thank you.” 

When I heard people packing up to go, I blinked and looked around. I had no idea what work I had done today. It was a complete blur. I saw notes from meetings, notes from last week’s show, and emails that I received replies on, but the only thing in my mind was Piper, bound and suspended, while I tasted and ravaged her body with my hands and mouth. 

The last person left the building, the heavy door clanking loud from their exit, I rose out of my chair. Piper did the same and she was kneeling before me moments later. My pants were around my ankles within seconds. I’d never had my belt undone so fast. Hands and lips wrapped around me and I groaned in need. “Fuck, Piper, wait.” 

There was no stopping her. I didn’t want to stop her. I tangled my hands in her hair and took what I wanted. I forced myself deeper into her mouth. I pulled back when she choked and then pushed in again. I wanted down her throat. I wanted to fill her belly with every drop my heavy balls held. I wanted to write her name on the glass wall of the office overlooking the work area below in dripping semen. 

Before any of that could happen, she released me and pulled back, and sat on her heels. “Apologies, Sir. I might have missed you last week.” It took every ounce of effort not to coat her face and hair in a river of white stickiness. 

“I couldn’t tell. Redress me, pet. We’ll go play downstairs. I might let you climax tonight since you greeted me in such a glorious manner.” Piper pulled up my pants and redressed me. Pulling her to her feet and into my arms, I kissed her. I kissed her hard, leaving no chance of a doubt in her mind that I wanted her. I bit her pouty lips and sucked on her tongue the way she had sucked on my cock. Feeling her muscles relax as her body softened against mine, I held her tighter. 

Wanting her, wanting to claim her, wanting to make her mine pounded through my mind. I wanted no one else to touch this woman but me. No other woman had ever made me feel this way. I needed her and only her. If I didn’t need food and water to live, I could live off her taste and touch.

Oh, Mack. You’ve got it BAD and it’s only going to get harder the further you go. Continue on to Part Nine

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  1. I have waited all week for this and you haven’t disappointed. All the emotions and feelings Mack experienced I have know all to well myself. On top of that I think your becoming the master of leaving us hanging.

    1. Well, coming from you I’ll definitely accept the compliment as true since you are a Master. This story has been so much fun to write. It was so hard cutting it off last week. I actually felt bad.

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