Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part Five

Welcome to another installment of Tease. Does Piper have any clue as to what she’s getting herself into with Mack? Will Mack be able to control himself – and if not, will Piper be able to handle him?

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Tease Part Five
I wanted to order you to come to me and get on your knees. I wanted to fuck you until I couldn’t move.

The entire day at work, I was a mess. I tripped twice, dropped two folders full of paperwork – which I then had to sort and put back together – and screamed when Mack walked up behind me ninja quiet to get a fresh cup of coffee. By the time the day was over, everyone had given me side-eye at least twice. And I may have given whiplash to two people. I was sure to be recommended for drug testing.

Folded and stuffed into an envelope that I tucked under my keyboard was the contract filled out and signed. I had circled a few items and had put red x’s next to the ones that were an absolute hard limit. The ones I didn’t have time to research this morning were simply crossed-out, to be researched some other time.

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Everyone was gone by six. Except Mack and myself. I took a deep breath and pulled the envelope with his name scrawled onto the front.

“Please tell me that isn’t your resignation. I really can’t afford to lose you and you know I can barely afford you.” The warmth of his breath tickled the back of my neck. I swallowed hard and gasped for air.

“No, it’s um,” I licked my lips, “it’s the contract. Signed, sealed, and delivered.” I handed him the envelope. I felt the flush moving up my skin, but didn’t care. Let him see the desire and embarrassment it caused.

Mack opened the envelope, looked over the pages, then folded everything back up and tucked it into his jacket pocket. “Is this the reason you’ve been on edge all day?” He slid his fingers along my jaw, towards my ear, then into my hair. “Why don’t I help you relax a little?”

Husky voice, eyes lit up, a smile spreading across his kissable lips. He kneaded the back of my neck with his strong fingers. So gentle, squeezing and releasing, helping the tension melt from my body. “Yes, that’s nice.” I couldn’t help my eyes sliding closed, a sigh escaping my lips as I leaned into his touch.

“Sweet Piper, I had so much trouble sleeping last night. I wanted to call you. I wanted to order you to come to me and get on your knees. I wanted to fuck you until I couldn’t move.” He splayed his fingers and pressed his hand into my upper back. I was breathless.

“I would have, Mack.” Slipping his hand down my spine, Mack lifted my skirt. My eyes had closed and I didn’t have the urge to open them and look at him, but I imagined his naughty smirk when he found that I wasn’t wearing anything beneath it.

“Oh yes, please.” I received another smack.

Instead, I got a hard smack, bringing me out of the pleasant feeling and into an adrenaline rush. “You.” Another hard smack. “Will address me.” I didn’t flinch this time when he spanked me again. “As Sir.” I prepared for another, but instead received a warm hand rubbing my sore ass cheek. It melted into a desire that rivaled how I felt yesterday.

“My apologies, Sir.” I shifted my gaze down, even though all I wanted was to see approval in his eyes. I took a slow deep breath, then let it out even slower than I had taken it in. All that yoga taught me breathing was essential to many things in life and I figured it wouldn’t hurt jumping into something completely alien to me.

“Come with me.” Mack, Sir, took my hand and led me out of the offices and into the garage. He positioned me under one of the lifts. “Stay.” Pulling out his keys, he unlocked the bottom drawer on his personal tool chest. He pulled out rope and walked back over.

Binding my wrists, he looped the rope over a left of the lift. He didn’t even try to suspend me, just hold me in place. “For simplicity, I stick to basic safe words. Red means stop. Green means keep going. Yellow means you need a moment.” His hands rested on my hips, teeth nipped the back of my bare neck. Wearing my hair in a bun had been an excellent decision.

I pressed my hips back into him, wanting him to do something to me. Anything. Tongue, fingers, cock. I didn’t care, I wanted him to take me. “Oh yes, please.” I received another smack. “Sir, please, I beg you.”

“Beg me for what, Piper? Do you even know what you want? Do you want spanked?” Three more smacks rang through the garage. The feel of his palm rubbing the hot skin to sooth the ache caused my heart to race faster than the smacks. It was that touch that caused me to sizzle.

What choices will Mack offer Piper and which one will she choose?

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