Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part Three

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Things are heating up between Piper and Mack, but will she take the next step?

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Tease Part Three
I squirmed, begged, and moaned incessantly, to no avail.

Back arching to stick my ass higher, I dug my nails into the desk. Or tried to, anyway. The hard surface wasn’t about to give into me. Mack thrust his tongue deep inside, then wriggled it around like a Water Wiggle. After a few rounds, he’d shift and stick it in my ass, then repeat the motion. I squirmed, begged, and moaned incessantly, to no avail.

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“How dare you–” another moan ripped out of me as I reached the edge, only to be yanked back again. “I’m not the fucking tease.” Mack bit me on the ass, causing a white-hot flash of lust to scorch through my insides. “You’re the…” My eyes rolled back into my head as he suckled my clit and finger-banged me. His thumb teased my asshole, just enough pressure to make me squeal.

A full second went by, my chest heaving against the hard desk, wrists chafed from writhing in my binding. Mack wasn’t tormenting me now, but the feel of his tongue, his teeth, and his touch were embedded on my skin. “If you want more, my succulent Piper, you’ll have to look this over.” He moved to stand in front of me and placed a stack of papers on the desk, then knelt and untied my wrists.

Mack swore softly under his breath and grabbed lotion off my desk behind him. Squeezing some out, he rubbed it into my wrists gently. “I’m sorry. This isn’t the proper rope to bind you with, but if you had touched me, I would’ve most likely lost control. Then we’d be in a real bind.” The smirk on his face told me he was quite aware of his word choice.

A mouth sticky with my juices.

Grabbing the papers off his desk, he slid them into an envelope. “Take this with you, and the food, too. You should eat. Read over this and let me know what you decide. We’ll go from there.” It took me a few moments to process the words coming out of his sticky mouth. A mouth sticky with my juices.

He looked so calm and collected, even though his chin was glistening and his fingers smelled like me. I grabbed the envelope from him, trying to regain my sense of self. “I don’t understand. You’re sending me home… we didn’t even…” I was at a loss for words.

Reaching out, he fixed my hair, putting it back to rights. My curls were wild without any naughty play, I couldn’t imagine the mess they were right now. “Trust me, pet. We’ll get there if that’s what you’re looking for, but I need rules and regulations in my life. I’ll see you tomorrow, don’t be late.” He turned then, grabbing his keys, and sauntered out of the office after grabbing one of the bags of food.

I heard the metal door to the outside world, which had stopped existing entirely for a few moments, clang shut. At first, it sounded final and my heart plummeted. I looked at the envelope and went to peek at the contents, but he’d sealed it and written Read this at home. Now go. on the outside. Biting my nail, I paused. He wouldn’t know, would he? That’s when I remembered the cameras in the building and decided it was best to wait.

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        1. Ah, but you know that I’ll get you where you want to go, just the way you like to get there. Teasing, edging, whatever it takes, I’ll make sure you enjoy the ride. 😉

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