Masturbation Monday: Renewed Connection

This is the Male POV from Known Stranger. You may wish to read that one first as it’ll give you better context when reading this one. Technically, not a part two, simply a different point of view.

A smirk crept out, and I slid the looped end of the belt along her bottom, down her spine to her neck and back down again.
A smirk crept out, and I slid the looped end of the belt along her bottom, down her spine, to her neck and back down again.

When I saw the woman at the bar, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It couldn’t possibly be her. I had just seen her at our 20th year high school reunion six months ago, but she looked quite different. Happy, she looked happy. And single. There was some guy sniffing around, younger by a few years, probably looking for a cougar to rub his belly or some kinky ass shit. I wasn’t having it. At the reunion she’d been in a relationship with some stuffy sap that could bore the bark off a tree.

Once she finished her drink, she moved to the dance floor. The young wannabe cub followed her and danced close, rubbing his hands along her body. Before long, she turned and slipped a keycard into his pocket. Heat suffused me. There was no way in hell I was going to let this cub even attempt to play with such a wildcat.

She left and headed for the elevators. He stepped up to the bar and I sat down next to him moments later. During my growing years, some of the things I had to do in order to survive weren’t legal. I hadn’t needed the skills for quite a long time, but I liked to keep them sharp.

“Hey, pal. How are ya,” I slapped the guy on the shoulder while I two-fingered the keycard out of his pocket. The cubby didn’t know he wouldn’t be meeting with the wildcat tonight. I wanted a piece of her. In my time, cheerleaders spurned the freaks and geeks.

One night I’d spotted her watching me under the bleachers at a football game. From that night on, I was her dirty little secret with the big cock. The hacker freak that wore all black, was built like a house, and hardly spoke to anyone. I was fucking a cheerleader.

“Doing pretty good. How about you,” he took a sip from his beer. A light beer. What a pansy. I ordered a Scotch, neat.

“I’ll be doing better a little later. Who was that woman on the dance floor that was all over you and why are you still here?” I smirked. I hadn’t had to forcibly control my features for so long that I couldn’t prevent it from showing up. The bartender dropped off my drink, took my cash and went off to see another customer.

“I’m supposed to wait thirty minutes before coming up. No idea who she is, but I couldn’t resist when she invited me up to her room. I’m going to pound town tonight,” he did a little dance in his chair and, while I didn’t prevent myself from rolling my eyes, I did it behind a blink.

“Hot damn, you’re a lucky man. She looks like a wildcat. Might be into something real kinky.” I was hoping to freak this youngin’ out, even though I had the key card. Maybe he would decide not to go in the first place.

“You think,” he took a long drink from his glass and I could see a little tremble in his hand. Perhaps scaring him off would work.

“Oh yeah. I’ve seen her in here before. Sometimes I see her dance with a few guys and gals and then they all leave at the same time. Wild. Cat.” Putting emphasis on my words just might terrify the crap out of him.

He finished up his beer, threw a tip on the bar, and nodded with a scared look on his face, “Hey I’m gonna get outta here. Have a good night, man.” The cub bolted out the door pretty fast, opposite the way my wildcat had gone.

I knew she might not recognize me. Over the past several months I’d lost quite a bit of fat. What I didn’t lose had turned into muscle. I’d always been heavy, overweight. But now I was fit. I wonder if she’d be interested in having my huge cock shoved inside her like she had in the past. There was only one way to find out.

It wasn’t long before she came back down. She’d waited just fifteen minutes over the time she gave to the cub. After pausing long enough at the door to run her eyes over the men inside, she made her way back to the dance floor to start her siren dance once again.

I stepped up behind her and ran my hands along her belly, cupped her breast, then wrapped my hand around her neck, “Is it true? All the things I’ve heard about you?” Her head fell back against my chest, her eyes fluttered closed. She didn’t reply, just pushed her hips into me and moved her body with the thump-thump of the music. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to fuck her right here. I did my best to move with her, in time with the throbbing heartbeat sound of the music. My cock kept growing, inch by inch against her ass.

“Room 1131. Thirty minutes,” she turned and shoved a key card into my pocket. Before I could say anything, she turned around, her skirt flared out and I froze as the pleats slapped the hard length of my cock. Mind blank, I shook off the feeling. I had no idea how long I’d been standing there on the dance floor. Glancing at my watch, I decided to head up to my own room, which also happened to be on the 11th floor.

After a quick shower, I dried off and dressed, then headed down the hallway to her room. When I slid the card through the slide, I had no idea what to expect. I scared that little cubbie with my false stories, but now my heart beat fast in my chest. I opened the door and found her ass in the air from her position over the footstool. I glanced around the room and noticed that she’d rearranged the furniture a little. Just enough to position herself right in front of the door.

I removed my shoes and belt. A smirk crept out, and I slid the looped end of the belt along her bottom, down her spine to her neck and back down again. I could tell she was trembling as I pulled it back and smacked her meaty flesh with the leather. When she whimpered, it spurred me on further.

“Is this what you were looking for,” I had to take a deep breath in order to ask, sweat had broken out along my brow. I couldn’t wait to be buried between her thick thighs. She wiggled her ass back in place and I smacked her again, and again. Until her flesh turned a pretty shade of scarlet.

The soft sound of her voice could barely be heard with all the noises coming out of her mouth, “Yes, sir.”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you,” I continued layering her ass in welts as she squirmed beneath the punishment. I spread my smacks to her thighs. I couldn’t wait until they matched the color of her bright backside.

“More, sir! Please, use me as you want. However, you want.” I listened to the ragged breathing for a few moments and then resumed. She wanted me to use her however I wanted. I had some ideas about that. I could give her exactly what she wanted. I could smell her desire as it filled the room. The glistening juices that coated her outer lips could be seen in the overhead light. I wondered what she tasted like.

I dropped the belt and stripped off my clothing as quickly as possible. I kneeled behind her and spread her red cheeks apart. I ached to taste her on my tongue, so I did just that. I didn’t stop there, though. I ran my tongue from her clit, over her anus, and up her spine.

Back arching as I tasted her, I slid my hand around her throat and squeezed like I had downstairs while we swayed to the thump-thump of the music. I wanted to mark her so she would remember this night for a little while, at least a couple of days. Sinking my teeth into her shoulder would do just that. Not hard enough to draw blood, but just long enough to make a lasting impression. The lacy mask she wore didn’t hide her identity as well as she thought, but that was only because I already knew who she was.

The smell of vodka mixed with the sound of her panting spurred me on further. She was so fucking hot. I could feel my cock dripping. There were going to be stains on the ottoman, but I didn’t care. I smelled her skin, the scent of soap and lotion mingled with the smell of her wet pussy. Then she had the nerve to wiggle her ass against me.

I backed off and spanked her ass on both cheeks with my bare hands, “You’re in too much of a hurry.” I heard the growl of desire in my voice and knew she would hear it as well. Enjoyment pulsed through me as I played with her. Holding her cheeks apart with one hand, I slid two fingers into her wet snatch, curled them, and stroked the happy spot I knew was there. She started thrashing in time with the strokes and I couldn’t help myself.

“Stay still, unless I say otherwise, Slut.” I kept stroking, torturing those bundle of nerves while she tried her damnedest to hold still as I commanded. Watching the muscles twitch as she struggled beneath my touch thrilled me to no end. I wondered if she would slip over the edge into oblivion without permission and if she did, how I’d punish her for doing it.

I stopped torturing her after a few more tickles and rough strokes, “Good girl.” I shifted to kneel in front of her and licked her sticky taste from my fingers. I grabbed her wrists before she could touch my cock with her long fingers. I was trying so hard not to explode.

I shoved my cock, thick, hard, and leaking salty pre-cum in front of her lips. She couldn’t get close enough to wrap her lips around it and I admired her ingenuity as she stuck her tongue out. The very tip of her tongue touched the head of my cock and my mind went blank. Oh, how I wanted that mouth wrapped around me, sucking every drop out of my balls.

I adjusted her and released her wrists to allow her to suck me off. She slid every inch down her throat.  I held my breath, reciting football scores in my head, my grocery list, anything to keep me from blasting down her throat. Then the little minx did something I didn’t expect: she started humming a little tune. My entire body started tightening as I fought for control over my cock. I regained enough thought to grab her hair and pull her off my length.

I stood, hoping I wouldn’t fall over as my knees were shaky from almost losing control, and moved behind her. I kneeled and started to shove my cock into her. I almost didn’t care that I might hurt her. I smacked her ass as she attempted to thrust her hips back towards me, giving her a reason to stay still. She curled her arms around the corners of the ottoman and held on while I pushed my cock inside.

“Please,” her trembling voice and soaked pussy were tormenting me.

“Please what?” I smacked her on the ass again for good measure.

“Sir, please, fuck me. Fuck me now.” I took two slow deep breaths to keep myself from pounding my length into her. I grabbed her ass and spread her wide open, then forced my cock inside as quickly as I could without causing her too much discomfort. She screamed out as I reached the end of her, and I wished her nails had been sinking into my back or ass.

I fought at first, but lost the battle, and ground myself into her. I moved my hips in circles hoping to widen her hole a little more. My little cheerleader kept crying out in pain and pleasure, her hips met mine as I fucked her as hard as I dared. I couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed her hips.

Lifting her up, I slid her forward and started pounding her while she looked like she was trying a downward facing dog pose. Her cheek hit the carpet, but I couldn’t stop. I wanted to pound into her until she begged me to stop, but I knew she wouldn’t beg me to stop.

“Yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” the words turned into a long moan. I almost wished my cock were in her throat to feel the vibration as she moaned along my length. I gave her exactly what she wanted and ground my cock into her every time I reached the end of her.

My pulse pounded so hard I kept seeing black spots in my vision. I needed to let go. I needed to lose control. So I did. She’d probably be sore for a week, maybe longer when I was done with her, but she just kept crying out for more. I needed a change of position, so I picked her up and turned her. As soon as her back hit the bed, I had her legs over my shoulders and my cock shoved back into her tight, hot hole.

“Look at me as I fuck you.” I put all the command I could muster into my voice. Her eyes met mine and I saw it, the recognition hit her. She knew who I was, my little cheerleader. God, I wanted to laugh, to revel in this twist of fate.

I started pounding her instead, just as hard as I had earlier and her head fell back against the bed as she started moaning all over again. Her nails sunk into my arms and I filled with glee at the pain she was causing me. The marks would give me something to remember her by. The harder she sunk them into my skin, the faster I pounded her. All the memories of our secret fuck sessions came back and that’s when she exploded all over my cock. I felt the first orgasm hit as she fell over the edge, then it got stronger. Within moments, her cunt kept squeezing harder with every spasm. I couldn’t take it and lost control.

Slamming into her over and over, I felt the geyser surge from my cock deep into her pussy to mingle with her succulent taste. I didn’t stop until my balls felt empty. I leaned against her legs, panting and sweating. When I could breathe normally again, I watched her eyes, wondering what would happen now that she remembered me.

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