Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch: Part Six

Welcome to the climax of Flipping the Switch. It’s been one hell of a ride and I hope you’ve enjoyed every single thrust, moan, and thwack. Next week will feature something Halloween related. A little scary and a lot saucy.

I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.
I wanted to smack him with the crop, but it was best if we discussed the rules before I started officially doling out punishment.

“Oh, fuck,” he shuddered and writhed beneath me as the feeling came back into his nipple. I leaned forward, sucking and licking. He cried out, his eyes clenched shut tight. I glanced up and saw that his hands were in fists. The feeling of the way his body bucked into me was delicious with its wildness. I felt another climax building inside me and the muscles writhed around Grant’s length. My eyes fluttered and I almost gave in, but his words interrupted.

Did you miss the beginning? Or maybe just one part?

“Mistress, please, oh fuck please, I’m going to–” I removed the other nipple clamp just as slow as the last one and repeated licking and sucking the sensitive flesh. I whimpered and whined against his skin, my nails clawing into his sides as I tried to hold on. I knew he was going to explode inside me, permission or no permission. What did I want to do? Punish him more or give him permission? I decided on mercy and rolled my hips against his, pausing in my torture of his nipples.

Holding on tight wasn’t working. I’d leave scars if I sank my nails any deeper into his skin. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had to make a decision, “You can come, slave. You can come.” My words registered the second time and he bounced me up and down so hard and fast I thought I was going to be thrown like a rodeo cowboy. I dug my fists into the bed sheet and held on. I didn’t even try to ride him; it would be impossible to keep up with the wicked bucking.

I couldn’t stop the moans that surfaced from deep within me.

It felt like my entire body was the orgasm as it swept over me, lighting up my insides like sirens in the night. Grant joined me in my song of release and moments later we were both panting and slick with sweat.

I didn’t recall laying down on his chest. Grant’s heartbeat sounded like a staccato drumbeat to my ears. When I could move again I found the keys to the cuffs and released him. I expected punishment to come for what I’d done. Perhaps I’d be sent to sleep in our guest room – the worst punishment ever.

“C’mere, baby.” Grant gestured for me to cuddle with him as he rubbed his wrists. I, a submissive, had forgotten the most basic care. Instead of crawling up to him, I rubbed his ankles and feet, making sure that he could feel everything. Once that was done, I crawled up onto the bed and he kissed me with a gentleness we hadn’t shared in years.

“I’ll never ignore you again. I promise. If you don’t mind doing something like this again to me now and then when I get off track, that is.” The satisfied smile on his face said it all, he may be my dominant, but I had all the control in this relationship.

“Yes, Sir.” I kissed him, then got up long enough to grab the covers while he turned out the light. We snuggled close and tight, our fingers entwined. Happy and sated, together.

Flipping the Switch Cover
Flipping the Switch Cover

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      1. What I like is that, even though it’s not my kink to take control like that, it was still a turn on. To me, that’s the sign of genuinely good smut. It doesn’t have to appeal to me on a personal level in order to turn me on and be REALLY good. 😀

        1. Good smut is sometimes hard to come by so I feel the need to put the best out there that I can. (This goes back to the “Oh, I’ll write erotica, that’s easy money” cliche.)

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