Masturbation Monday: Fucked by the Fire Excerpt

StoryQuote: It was difficult to take my time and savor this man, but I fought with everything I had to do just that.
It was difficult to take my time and savor this man, but I fought with everything I had to do just that.

“That’s right, stroke it.” Roman’s words came out hushed, but sounded strained. His head fell back as he enjoyed the feel of my hand running up and down his length. I reached deeper, letting his meat go and played with his balls. His eyes rolled wild under closed lids and he swallowed hard.

I moved forward and ran my tongue along his neck, kissed his bearded jaw, then bit his lower lip as he gasped and clawed at my clothing. Roman’s hot hand found my dick and started playing, slow and teasing. It felt as though he were trying to memorize the way the veins ran through the length of me. I couldn’t get enough of the feel from the callouses on his fingers. Roman’s hands were so different from my wives with their rough texture and warmer. So much warmer.

“Please, I need to wrap my mouth around you,” I pulled away and before he could stop me, I lifted his shirt and did just that. Salty goodness greeted my taste buds and I wanted to cry out in pleasure. Instead, I licked every drop that had slid down his length while I played with his balls. Roman’s hands tried to grab me by the hair, but it was shaved too short for him to get a grip.

His hands sunk hard into my shoulders and I sucked him deep into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck that’s so good, don’t fucking stop.” Roman’s hands shifted to the back of my neck and head, shoving me further down onto him. I took every inch he offered me, having to remind myself how to suck a cock. I slobbered on his length, watching the rivulets of saliva glow bright in the light of the fire.

“Wait, wait. I have a blanket,” Roman gasped and groaned when I ignored him and sucked his length harder, working the muscles of my throat along his cock. “Please, I want to taste you, too.”

After a few more teases with my mouth and tongue, I left his soaking cock to bob in the warmth of the fire while I backed up. He reached behind the log and spread out a blanket on the ground. We both couldn’t see jack shit with our eyes outside the ring of light, but we didn’t hear anything that indicated there were any people left in the park. It was full night now and only the stars and a crescent moon watched.

As soon as the blanket was down, we both stripped out of our clothing, tossing it on the log. We met in the middle, touching and kissing. I grabbed his nipples hard and he thrust his hips at me. We had started dirty texting using an anonymous app. I already knew what it looked like when he jacked off, and he knew for me as well. We shared our likes and dislikes with sex and I knew he liked it rough.

Just like me.

Roman was taller than I, but he bent down and bit one of my nipples. I clapped a hand over my mouth to muffle myself. Pleasure zinged through the nerve in my chest straight down to my cock and balls. I was shocked I didn’t empty my load all over him. What a waste that would be.

“I want to ride you.” I reached down to grab his length again and Roman groaned with need. Nodding, he kneeled down on the blanket and took my cock into his mouth before I could hop in the hot seat. His mouth was so hot and soft, his beard tickled my skin and I could feel the nerves twitching in my thighs. Keeping control and not shooting down his throat was difficult, but I clenched down on the need to orgasm.

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