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Here we go my lovelies! Another awesome erotica author worth your precious reading time. Meet Dr. J. She’ll tantalize you with a little bit of teasing and a lot of hot, naughty sex. Please enjoy this Excerpt from Topping You included in the perma-free anthology Women on Top.

“Mr. Lewis, your desires are clear. I’ll take care of crafting the details of this experience for you. You will receive a confirmation email upon the scheduling of your event. Before you leave, I have one more item of business.”
“I need to photograph your body, naked.”
“Is that so?”
“We want a record of your body’s appearance in case there is any question after your session—an insurance policy so to speak.”
“You’re saying, no photographs, no service?”
“That would be an accurate statement.”
“You intend to do that now?”
“If you don’t mind.”
Dane Lewis stood and slipped off his dress shoes while Ms. Lyons came around the desk with her camera phone. He unbuttoned his dress shirt and unfastened the cuff links before removing the shirt. He sensed that his little strip tease was generating some response from Ms. Lyons and was amused and pleased that when he stepped out of his trousers in full commando, his cock was erect, and he smelled arousal in the air.
“Shall I pose?” he said in a teasing voice.
“Uh, no. I just need front and back pictures.” She clicked a picture of him and his erection. “Turn, please.” His tight ass became the focal point. Two sounds caught his attention. A tiny moan escaped from Ms. Lyons, and then a sound like a chair moved and scraped behind the window.

Bio: Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts to integrate positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes within the Romance and Erotica genres. Living the island life on the Atlantic coast, Dr. J. plays petanque, knits, and supports all the visual and performing arts of the area.

You can find Dr. J on the following Social Media and Author Sites:

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Random Facts About Dr. J.: I am crazy about the acapella music group Pentatonix- PTX. My flip flop collection is outrageous. I have skied the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand. Purple is my go to color. I am a TRUE LEO.

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