Erotic Journal Challenge: Who is the Sexiest Entertainer?

Erotic Journal Challenge March 13th, 2022
Erotic Journal Challenge – Sexiest Entertainer

What movie star or entertainer do you find the sexiest and why?

First, if you know me, you know my answer about who I think is the sexiest actor.

Second, I know I don’t have to answer this, but I feel bad for missing posts. I mean, I missed them for *very good reasons* and not because I had tech issues or was lazy. Okay, so part of it was laziness, but in a good languid oh so needed lazy way.

Besides, giving you a two-fer is always a fun thing, right?

So, this guy right here:

Hi, have you met me? Jensen Ackles is the Sexiest.

That’s it, that’s the… post.

Not only is he amazingly talented, he’s also a good husband and father. Jensen’s a business owner. He’s a cowboy. He’s a truly kind soul shoved into a delectable looking meat suit. What more could you ask for in a person?

Okay, I search Jensen Ackles, I get Dean Winchester. They go hand in hand. On top of it, he’s Soldier Boy and Batman. He’s a singer and he’s shy.

I told you, if you know me, you know my answer to who the Sexiest Entertainer is… If you don’t know me, maybe this is a surprise to you.

I mean, damn, I bought Jason Mann’s CD because this guy sings The Joker on it. Resistance was futile.

Who do you think the Sexiest Entertainer is? Share your thoughts in the comments and let everyone know who gives you that little zippity-doo-dah when you see them on the big (or little) screen!

Want to read some interesting smut with a character based on Dean? Try Sizzling Nibbles: Black-Hearted Thieves.

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