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Erotic Journal Challenge – 02.23.22

I wasn’t surprised by my results for the Erotic Blueprint Quiz. I’m a people-pleaser after all, and that includes indulging a partner’s sexual whims if it piques my fancy.

Results for the Erotic Blueprint Quiz*

As a Shapeshifter Type™ you’re the most sophisticated of all the Blueprints.

You’re turned on by the whole erotic palette. You can receive incredible amounts of stimulation and you can give your lover(s) extraordinary experiences.

For the Shapeshifter:

  • Sex can be a spiritual, transcendent experience
  • You love beautiful environments
  • You’re turned on by erotic imagery
  • You can get a real turn on from taboo, edgy, kinky play with your lover
  • You want it all and you want it to last foreeeeever, yes?

However, when it comes to sex, you may be left feeling hungry, like you are always feeding your lover(s), but being shortchanged yourself.

Before we get into that…

We promised you a peek into your Superpowers and Shadows.

Superpowers of the Shapeshifter Type:

  • You may be fluent or at least interested in all of the Erotic Blueprint Types
  • You may be an extraordinary lover
  • You love variety and creativity
  • You can ride endless waves of indulgent pleasure and keep wanting more and more and more…

Shadow Aspects:

  • You may never find your own sexuality or be fulfilled because you are always shifting to please someone else
  • Regarding compatibility, you are a great lover for all Types, but if a partner speaks only one language, you can get easily bored
  • Sometimes instead of having the positive aspects of all the Erotic Types, you are stuck in the Shadow aspects of ALL of the Types. Yikes! That can be very hard

Shapeshifters sometimes feel like they are super complicated. For you, there’s excitement, there’s hunger, there’s desire and the world of erotic possibility is your playground. There are solutions, my friend. As an added bonus to this email, we want to share something that “feeds” the Shapeshifter Blueprint.

Pleasure Stacking!

What’s that?

Mixing the turn-ons of all Blueprint Types in the right combination to achieve high states of arousal.

After that it gets into the kinds of details you can get if you order the detailed quiz.

Erotic Blueprint Quiz Results – My Thoughts

*- I added the asterisk above because I edited the content. Unfortunately, due to sexual wellness and sex education being used as content to prevent websites from sharing content via email, the Erotic Blueprint Quiz had to use er0t!c and s3x or sxx, and 0rgasm in their results email. I went through and fixed it because … I hate censorship.


No surprise that I’m a shapeshifter. Also, no surprise that I tend to want sex to last a long time. If it feels so damn good, why would I want it to end? Sure, I have my ‘let’s do this now, get it done, fast, hard and so good’ but then I want to curl up against you, run my hand over your body, and get started on round two – if there’s nothing else pressing going on.

Being a people-pleaser I’m also not surprised the erotic blueprint quiz says I’ll indulge my partner even if I’m not getting what I want. However, I’m much better about speaking up now.

The results saying I get bored if someone only speaks one language isn’t wrong. If I’m speaking up about my needs and they don’t listen… or don’t care, bye.

I want both of us to indulge in erotic whims and fantasies. Tell me what you want and listen to what I want, and we’ll get along in the bedroom, in the living room, in the shower, and who knows where else, just fine.

I only took the basic profile. Maybe someday I’ll indulge myself and take the longer, more in depth version.

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The Erotic Journal Challenge is no longer in progress and the author’s website has been deleted.

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