Check What’s Up: Alive and Well and Busy

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood smut merchant stopping in to say HELLO! I’m still alive, I’m well, and I’m super busy.


Working on an article about Marketing with Hootsuite while Marketing with Hootsuite. (I don’t feel that I have a lot to market, but perhaps the article will help others who have way more content to sell/review/talk about than I do.

All of the Quick Bite promotional images are done (crossing fingers). So, keep an eye out for those because just the Quick Bites will get you hankering for the Chemical Sex 2: Just One More. It is such a delightful bit of debauchery. I mean, who knew all the smutty things you could do with aphrodisiac chocolates? Well, Oleander Plume did because she already put out one anthology and if you haven’t read it, it comes highly recommended.

If you haven’t seen them (what have you been looking at?) I’ve also been doing cute little Story Quotes for my free and paid stuff. I hope you like them. I hope you share them with your friends that like to read smut.

The thing is, Nora isn’t pretty. She’s gorgeous. She’s seductive. She’s the one who has me tossing and turning, sweat-drenched and wanton, when I should be sleeping.


Are you following me on Pinterest? There’s so much fun there. No real interaction or anything, which is cool for introverts who like to scroll, save, scroll save, forever-ever. I’m one of those people. I’ll do my #StoryIn12 and then pin a bunch of stuff over there. It might be coffee related, music related, tattoo related, or smutty inspiration related. I also feel like when I keep asking people if they’re following me somewhere I’m inviting stalkers… uh, well sure, yeah kind of. . . I guess but not really in real life, okay? I’ve had enough of that in my life, thank you very much.

I’ve also been busy on Instagram. If you enjoy photos of King Floof, or even video, they go over there. Uh, well, they go up on Twitter, too, but you know, if you don’t like Twitter, you can get excellent King Floof photos at my Instagram feed. He is such a good floof. Sometimes he will even smile for me and be all cute. (You can find the feed in the sidebar, too.) I also share coffee shots, the usual story tidbits over there, and occasionally food. So, if you hate Twitter… I’m also on Instagram.

My Facebook is just a bunch of story quotes and #StoryIn12 images… so yeah I don’t go there much.


I’m still watching Supernatural (and Legacies… sigh) on Thursdays, so I consider that ‘my night off’ of everything. If you haven’t heard, Season 15 will be their last season. I know, it’s heartbreaking. Especially since they didn’t go forward with the Wayward Sisters show. I would have happily watched it and it would have kicked some major ass.

I’m pissed at ABC and The Rookie because they let a woman in charge show what a true bad ass she is and then fucking killed her. Because we can’t have a woman who is in charge and a bad ass who doesn’t also fucking die. I don’t see any point in how this is going to further Nolan on the show. You basically just took the one main person who believed in him away. You could have done that without killing her, though.

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to watch anymore of The OA on Netflix… yeah, I ended up starting it yesterday and I’m … eh… confused as usual and wondering what drugs to avoid and people to look at funny when it comes to this show. It’s not a bad show, it’s just … I don’t pay close enough attention to it to get all the nuance. I guess I don’t really care to either… there you have it. It also makes me wonder just how many people have experienced reality like this that are locked up in a mental institution.


I’ve got a few things cooking that aren’t finished yet. I have an MM Biker smutty story that’s featuring my Bikers from Rough Riders that was on Radish ages ago (one of the stories they took down in the Culling). I’m working on a bunch of naughty stuff for Jayne at Bellesa and Kink Crawl… too many fires to tend really. With all the anthology busywork, writing has not just been put on the back burner, it’s been put back into cold storage. No worries, though, I’m listening to something that is perking up my Muse. Jayne is an excellent influence on me so if you aren’t following her everywhere, you really should be. (Please do not send her shitty smut, okay? Okay. Glad we had that talk.)


Some time back, Jayne, my beloved Sister in Smut, my future Treefictus, shared with me something on SoundCloud called Black Widow. I mentioned listening to Gossip on Stitcher and how much I loved the story and old style audiotainment of it all. I could have my story while getting shit done at the day job or while getting ready for the day job. Like an audio book but in snippets with music and background noise. I was so sad when Gossip ended. I wanted there to be MORE. And Jayne helped with that but in a really smutty way by providing me with “have you heard of black widow?” So, if you enjoy smut, banter, and amazing acting, check it out.

So there you have it…

I’m alive and I’m well, as in healthy. Tired, but well. I’m just super busy behind the scenes trying to do my part on so many details. And I’m tired. I am thinking of ice cream… mmm ice cream. What are you doing? Share in the comments below. Link to your latest thing so others will hear about it.

Things coming up to keep your eyes peeled for: A Cover Reveal. A Smuttylicious Calendar of Events. And I’ll just keep this other one in my pocket to keep you wondering and squirming and biting your lip in anticipation.

Until next time… I’ll haunt you.

Stone Sour: Say You’ll Haunt Me

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