TMI Tuesday: Life: dating, your body and more

Life: dating, your body and more

1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why?

Well, last Saturday was pretty happy watching my daughter walk across the dais to receive her bachelor’s degree. Happiness tends to be a difficult emotion for me to tackle and hang on to. I’m generally content, though. Now don’t get me wrong. I do my best to live in the moment because it’s better than worrying about tomorrow or fretting about yesterday. I’ll be damn happy when summer finally makes an appearance since spring so far has been chilly and wet.

2. True or False. If you want a successful date, take charge–take the lead. Why?

Neither. It depends. I don’t date. I go out and do things for myself, so I do take charge of where I’m going and what I’m doing. But, I will say this: Be yourself when you’re dating. Pretending to be otherwise will just lead to unhappiness and broken hearts if you pretend to be other. Find someone who brings out the best in you and you the best in them – but that takes time and it takes communication, trust, and compromise.

3. True or false: Males are aggressive and assertive, and women are nurturing. Explain your answer.

These questions as true and false aren’t quite working out here. Nothing is so black or white. There are many types of males and females. I’ve met guys who are very assertive and very aggressive on the outside, but it’s just a shell hiding that they are scared and all they want is to be taken care of and told everything is going to be alright.

I’ve met women who, even in this day and age of freedom and choice and independence, just want a good husband, a couple of kids, pets, and a nice house with a picket fence.

4. Is your body keeping you from a good sex life? How so?

Eh, not so much. I have plenty of options for a good sex life, however, my self-control is ridiculously high. I get hit on often – no, I’m not boasting here, just stating a fact. Unfortunately, no one wants to have an actual conversation. And then those that do have an actual conversation are so far out there away from how I feel and think that I end up clamping my mouth shut because – while I may be a sarcastic bitch more often than not, I do try to respect the point of view of others, regardless of how many buttons it pushes.

5. Smiles. Do you have a sexy smile that is different from your regular smile. Post a pic of your sexy smile or describe it for us?

I’m not sure about this. If I’m misbehaving in conversation with a coworker, they’ll mention a smile, that I’m blushing. More often than not, it’s my eyes that get the compliments.

Bonus: May is Masturbation Month. Which of these is your best benefit from masturbating:

a. helps you to relax and/or fall asleep
b. boosts self-esteem
c. combats erectile dysfunction
d. helps you know what feels good so you can tell your sex partner

Definitely a and b. Since I’m single and haven’t been making fun dates with a guy friend, there’s no d. C does not apply.

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  1. Great answers, especially #2 & #3 – I knew a woman who went to Law School, and then followed that by going to Med School. She qualified as both and then… became a stay at home Mom. On one hand you might think ‘what a waste of an education’ but on the other… she raised four kids and is very happy with her life.

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