Masturbation Monday: Wicked Game

I truly hope you enjoy the following story. I certainly enjoyed writing it. It’s a combination of semi-public sex (you never know, someone could be watching) and stroking to completion on a lover who’s tied up at the moment.

Wicked Game Quote
I strained against the cold, the bonds, and the evil smirk on my lover’s full lips.

Trey had promised me something exciting today and so I waited patiently for him to get home from work. It was nice having the day off and I wish Trey hadn’t been called into work, but when the phone rang, I knew. He kissed me hard and promised he would have a surprise for me when he got home.

For years I hated surprises. Every time someone yelled surprise and handed me something, it was like they never knew me. Never listened to me. A friend, or so I thought, gave me a gift card for a restaurant that I had mentioned I would never step foot in because of the way they treat their employees. I smiled, said thank you, and then exchanged it on a website.

Trey was the first person in my life who gave me random surprises and gifts that I didn’t cringe when receiving them. I wandered around our home, cleaning as I moved, music blaring to drown out my awful singing voice as I tried not to think about what he’d be bringing me. After the house was clean and I got tired of singing, I moved out to the deck. I swept it free of debris from yesterday’s storm and set the furniture up neatly. After that, there wasn’t anything left for me to do. Looking at my watch, I sighed a little. I had a few more hours before Trey would come home.

Walking back inside, I grabbed a tiny thong from my drawer in dark purple. It was Trey’s favorite. It held my cock in a way that gave no illusions. I never wore it anywhere but home. I grabbed a tall water bottle and filled it with slices of cucumbers and lemon, then ice and water. As I headed back out to the deck, I picked up the sunblock that we kept inside a side table right by the sliding door.

Setting my water down, I slathered every inch of my exposed skin as best I could with a layer of sun block. It was a mid-level sunblock. I had a nice tan that others were jealous of. I didn’t have any urge to be any darker, either. After laying out on the lounge chair I picked up my Kindle and opened the latest book I had bought.

An hour later, I reapplied the sun block and turned over onto my stomach. I wouldn’t want my front to be darker than my back if I did happen to be gaining any color. Trey should be home soon unless he had to stop off somewhere to pick anything up on the way home. I checked my phone as I finished off my water but hadn’t heard it make any sounds. That made me wonder because usually Trey would send me a text or call me on his lunch.

Maybe I’d get lucky and he was already on his way home, having worked through lunch. At some point, I fell asleep.

When I woke, I was on my back again. I went to stretch, but found myself tied to the lounge chair with a satin blindfold wrapped around my eyes. At first, my heart pounded so hard I thought I might be about to die from a heart attack. An ice cube touched my left nipple and I gasped. I had been in the sun for at least two hours, probably three. Luckily, I had turned over again and hopefully wouldn’t be burned too badly. The difference in the temperature of my skin and the ice cube caused goosebumps all over my body. The nipple hardened, the instant temperature change being too much for it.

“I hope you like my surprise, Lucas. I thought of it just for this day, hoping you’d be out here in the sunshine.” It was then that I realized, as he slid the ice cube down my chest and stomach, that he had also removed my thong. There were times I could sleep and the world could be crashing to hell and I wouldn’t stir. This had been one of those times. Another ice cube tormented my other nipple, bringing it to a hardened peak so that they matched.

“Neighbors.” I gasped when I found my voice. My breathing was ragged. The heat of the sun baking my skin and the polar opposite of the ice cube drove me mad. Now, Trey was letting them slide down my chest to settle in my lap. My hardened cock kept twitching as what was left of the cubes settled against the stiffened meat. I couldn’t help but squirm from the rivulets of water as it dripped down onto my balls and then onto the deck below the chair.

“The neighbors directly across from us are out-of-town this weekend. They left this morning. The neighbors on either side are never home on Friday night, which you already knew. Are you trying to get out of playing outside with me?” Trey pinched my left nipple with a fierceness that made me attempt to lift up off the lounge chair.

“No, Sir.” I thought he would let go when the words left my mouth but he didn’t. I felt a change in temperature and I could smell the cologne on his skin. His lips encircled my other nipple, sucking it up into his mouth. I couldn’t stop the sounds coming out of my mouth. The pain of the nipple he pinched collided with the pleasure of the one he suckled.

Trey eased his fingers off my tormented nipple.

The blindfold was removed. When I looked up, all I saw were Trey’s cock and balls in my face. He wasn’t close enough for me to suck to my dismay. I looked up into his face, the playful mirth in his hazel eyes making me wonder what was next while the smirk on his face told me that it was something fun for him. The ice cubes had been wonderful on my heated skin and crazy cold at the same time. It had been a while since he’d tied me up and I was enjoying the confinement. We’d never used a blindfold before and it had been a new, exciting addition.

Trey stroked himself, his hands were shiny and covered in lube. When the breeze kicked in, I smelled strawberries. I licked my lips, hoping that I’d get to tease and torment every inch of him with my mouth. Instead, he moved to lower the back of the lounge chair all the way down. Then he stood astride my chest. My breathing went ragged. I had told him months ago about a dream I had of him standing over me, jerking his meat, and a white river spewing from the head of his cock all over my face and chest.

“Have I pleased you so much, Sir, that you’re bringing my dream true?” Trey squatted down and slapped my face with his cock. It was a playful swat, nothing that would harm either of us. It was his way of telling me to be quiet.

I couldn’t help but struggle against the bonds. He had tied me up well. My arms were bound to the lounge chair in a way that I could be moved from sitting to laying down without difficulty or having to redo the rope. My thighs and ankles had been tied to the outside frame. I couldn’t sit up and engorge myself on his length. Regardless of how much I had enjoyed the dream, I enjoyed the feel of his cock moving down my throat more.

Stroking, the skin of his cock, all shiny from the lube, he played with himself. With his free hand he would pinch his nipples and stroke himself down his chest and stomach to switch hands. To torture me even more, he swung his hips causing his balls to swing back and forth. He knew how much I enjoyed sucking on the sensitive orbs. He would writhe beneath me, trying to keep still. Mostly I was the submissive in our relationship, but it was the one thing I forced upon him.

Trey leaned his head back, giving me a show. Paths along his skin glistened in the sun from the strawberry lube. He had gone a little overboard with the stuff, but he knew how much I enjoyed the flavor. Drops of clear pre-cum dripped onto my sun heated skin. Trey rolled his head and looked down at me, then took two steps back. It would be any moment now and I would be drenched in his seed.

Pinching his nipples hard enough to make himself groan, he yanked a little harder, then stroked a little faster. Every moment that passed, he increased the speed and with a whispered ‘oh fuck’ as he looked down at me, Trey coated me in white streamers. I opened my mouth, hoping to catch some on my tongue. When he saw what I was trying to do, he aimed for my face and with a nice, hard shake, he hit me square on the mouth. I licked my lips clean, but I could see feel a little as it lingered on my chin.

Leaning down, Trey kissed me, and moved down my hard, slightly sunburned skin. Licking here and there he cleaned up a little of the mess he’d made all over my chest and stomach. I strained a little against my bonds again, but still to no avail. I thought once he had finished Trey would untie me. Instead, he continued to kiss and nibble along my abs and then down to my thighs, completely ignoring my swollen cock.

Reaching in between my thighs, he pulled up my balls with one hand and in the other he held an ice cube. “Oh fuck, Trey–” before I could beg him not to do it, the ice was there, against my most sensitive and overheated skin. Another ice cube was pressed to the length of my hardened meat. Trey slid it up and down, then around the head as if it were a wickedly cold tongue. Shivers ran through my body as it warred with the temperature differences.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open as I strained against the cold, the bonds, and the evil smirk on my lover’s full lips.

Trey’s mouth was on me, the hot silk of his tongue swirling around the tormented skin of my length as he teased me in yet another way. It didn’t take long for the suction of his mouth, the tickling of his tongue, and the way he swallowed me down his throat for me to empty myself. I felt sticky from the sunblock, Trey’s spunk, and the sweat from my own orgasm. Trying to catch my breath, I laid limply on the lounge chair.

Slowly, Trey undid my bonds and rubbed my ankles, thighs, and arms. It was rare for him to tie me too tight that I would go numb, but I hadn’t ever struggled as hard before. I looked up at him and he helped me up. We made our way back inside, Trey’s hand on my lower back, as he guided me towards the bathroom for a shower.


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