Sizzling Nibbles: Hidden Pleasure

Sizzling Nibbles, close up of a couple being naughty

Sometimes you get struck with such a naughty idea so suddenly you can’t do anything but type it out like a crazed Kermit on his typewriter.

I was running late and I bit my lip to keep myself from doing anything rash. I fast-walked from the car to the office door and went straight to my office. Hope pulsed inside me that no one would realize that I had been almost twenty minutes late. I tossed my purse onto a side table and sat down behind my desk.

When I scooted in, fabric and something soft and furry touched my bare skin. I choked back a scream and pushed back from my desk to find the in-house tech guy under it. Hand on my chest to keep my heart from bursting out of it, I practically yelled at him.

“What are you doing down there?” Gabe smiled that warm, somewhat shy smile of his. Mirth danced in his bright blue eyes. It dawned on me then that my knees were parted enough that he’d be able to see that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my dress. Heat traveled up my body faster than a race car at Formula 1.

“I’m rewiring some things down here. We had it scheduled for this afternoon, but someone scheduled a meeting when I was supposed to be doing this. I saw you weren’t here yet and thought I’d tackle it now instead of rescheduling.”

Gabe had such a warm, sultry voice. He spoke slow and deliberate as if he knew I were distracted by him being practically between my thighs. My sense of self came back to me and I pressed my knees together. “I’m so rude. Let me get out of your way.”

Before I could move, Gabe’s warm fingers slid up my ankle, then my calf, and paused on my thigh above the hem of my dress. It was almost too short to be appropriate for work, but the air conditioning was broken and the building was unbearably hot. “Actually, why don’t you stay? Everyone else is in a meeting and I’ve wanted to touch you since I first laid eyes on you.”

“Please,” came out of my mouth as I begged.

“Well, then, perhaps we should take this opportunity to get to know one another better.” I spread my knees apart and Gabe’s long fingers continued to the climb along my damp thighs. When he reached my most private part, I got bold and pulled my skirt up high, then lifted my legs to hang over the arms of the chair.

Gabe’s rushed intake of breath made me pant and I scooted forward to the edge of the chair. Before I could say one word, his mouth started licking and biting along my thighs. Back and forth, left then right, kiss and nibble.

I kept my mouth shut tight to keep myself from making too much noise. Just because everyone was in a meeting didn’t mean there wasn’t someone wandering around the office. I had a couple of mirrors positioned so that I could see if anyone headed our way, but that only worked if they came from a certain direction.

When his tongue and teeth invaded my lower lips, I whimpered as quietly as possible. His long fingers entered me to tease my sensitive g-spot. The way that his tongue flickered and tickled along with them set me on edge. I was so close to soaking his face and hands.

Gabe paused with the licking, but not his fingers, to brush the soft fur of his beard on the hot skin of my thighs. I had lusted after this young man ever since I laid eyes on him. It had been so hard not to reach out and pet his military short hair, to grab him and run my tongue along his strong, square jaw.

“Please,” came out of my mouth as I begged. Gabe smiled and grabbed my thighs with both hands, lifting my ass off the chair and dove tongue first back into my aching hole. I dug my nails into the arms of the chair. I would have dug them into his shoulders but it would’ve wrinkled his shirt and people may notice that kind of thing.

Thoughts raced and movement was caught in the mirror. My eyes widened in terror and I knew Gabe saw because he hadn’t stopped looking at my face. Instead of hiding under the desk, he worked harder to finish me off. I drenched his chin in my juices as I slapped my hands over my mouth to hold back my moans of pleasure.

I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at the desk. Quick as he got me off, Gabe slid back under the desk as I fixed my dress and slid into place.

“Hey, Lauren. I missed seeing you before the meeting. Come see me when you get a chance, we have some updates we’d like to go over with you regarding the next flyer. Hoping that my face wasn’t revealing anything, I smiled.

“Sure John, how about in an hour?” I picked up a pen on my desk to write a sticky for a reminder.

“That’ll work. See you then.”

John walked away and, before I could scoot out from under the desk, Gabe was nuzzling my knees apart with his face again. I spread them for him, hoping to add to the glistening wetness already coating his golden beard.

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