Masturbation Monday: Get Dirty

Thank you to Cara Theron for being such an incredible inspiration for Masturbation Monday!

Story Quote for Masturbation Monday Get Dirty
Luke bent down and kissed me, shifting his hands to pull me tight against him.

Luke’s face stiffened when he saw me. He raked a hand through his dirty blonde spikes and turned away. I squinted my eyes at him, ready to tackle him for being so cocky. His shoulders shook. I paused, then picked up a nearby bucket. I had no idea where the bucket came from but I was glad someone had left it behind.

“I’m sorry, just give me a minute.” He held himself rigid. The shakes got worse.

I stepped as quietly as my squishy sneakers would allow, squelching through mud. Luke turned around and, instead of freezing like most people do when they’re caught, I dumped a bucket full of muddy water on him. It was nowhere near how covered I was, but it would do. For now.

“Keri, I can’t believe you just did that.” He wiped the muddy water from his eyes and shook himself like a dog, splattering me. I blocked my eyes, but other than that, it wouldn’t make a dent in the mud already covering me.

“You can only blame yourself for what I just did. If you had told me we were going to be mud-running, I’d have brought extra clothing. But no, you purposefully left that out.” I scraped some of the drying, sticky mud off my shirt and smacked it against his cheek. “Cocky bastard.”

“Tighten your thighs around me, I won’t bite.”

Luke was my trainer. I’d purposefully joined a gym and hired a trainer that scheduled outdoor group activities with the people they trained. A handful of people signed up for the outing today, but everyone other than me pulled out, citing family or work excuses.

If I didn’t have the hots for Luke, I’d have probably left the group by now. He was such a cocky bastard and I couldn’t get enough. The way his arms flexed when he corrected a pose I was new to, or how he spotted me on the lifting bench.

“Hey, mud is good for the skin, right? Think of it as a spa treatment without spending all that extra cash.” Luke laughed, ignoring the mud on his face.

“You’re adorable. Turning, I looked up and down the creek, wondering if there was a spot I could wash off.

“C’mon, I want to show you something.” He hopped back on the ATV and looked at me, a sparkle in his deep green eyes. Eyes that always seemed to be laughing. Eyes that made me squirm.

With a little growl, I hopped back onto the back of the ATV. I wrapped one arm across his chest and placed the other hand on his thigh to act like a recoil spring for when he hit the brakes or I shifted forward too fast. “Let’s go.”

He picked his way carefully down the creek, and then on more solid ground when a path opened up through the trees. My skin was starting to itch as the mud dried. I had to keep shifting as well because the wet mud on my ass wasn’t help me stay on the seat as well as I normally would have.

“Tighten your thighs around me, I won’t bite.” Luke squeezed one knee and I almost flew off the seat altogether from the electric zing I felt. He stopped and glanced at me. “You okay? We’re almost there.”

“Fine, sorry, you uh, hit a nerve.” After situating myself again, we headed for his mystery spot. When we got there, my eyes widened behind my smeared sunglasses. “Holy shit, that’s beautiful.”

Luke parked under a huge shade tree and helped me off the ATV. I wouldn’t need help, but the mud was making everything a bit difficult. “Thanks.” I immediately headed for the clear water sparkling beneath a tall waterfall.

“Hey, be careful, there are some deep spots. Wait for me.” I paused at the edge long enough for him to catch up, then took a deep breath and leapt into the water. I came back up pretty quickly, mud streaking behind me, heading downstream.

“The water is perfect, hurry up Luke!” I headed for the waterfall. If anything could get the mud out of my hair, it was the waterfall, or so I hoped.

Watching Luke splash his way passed me to the waterfall, fully clothed, made me think I needed to swim more often. By the time I got there, he was out of the water. I followed him, treading water. “Why are you getting out?”

“Not exactly.” He got a cocky smirk on his mouth and then stripped off his shirt.

“You want more? Take what you want.”

I went all fangirl on the inside, but huffed and rolled my eyes at him.

“Oh, come on, you want dry clothes, right?” He continued stripping, starting with his hiking boots, then his jeans and I turned around before he took off his boxers. A splash sounded when he jumped back in. “Get out and undress, I’ll be nice, I won’t peek… more than once.”

I hopped up onto the hot rocks and watched Luke as he faced the waterfall. I stripped off my clothes and shoes, then left them in the sun. I slipped back into the water and stared at his back. This was it, my chance to get close.

“Keri, can I be honest with you?” Luke sounded serious and when he got his serious voice on when we were all training it was usually something we didn’t want to hear. There was another note in his voice as well and I wasn’t sure, so I made a decision.

“Sure.” I had found a rock to stand on and crossed my arms over my chest. I wasn’t shy, I had no reason to hide from him, but this was Luke.

“I uhm…” Luke peeked over his shoulder. “Whenever we’ve ended up alone at the outings, it’s either because I cancelled it to the others or postponed it to another day with everyone else.” He ran his hand over his face and looked at me again.

“I know. We figured out you weren’t sure if I’d go out with you or not so you found a way. You’re a little shy, despite your cocky attitude.” I winked at him and held my hand out. “Help me rinse the mud from my hair?”

“Hell yeah.” Luke helped me up and turned us so I was under the waterfall. “How’s this?” He sunk his fingers into my hair, pressing into my scalp and I sighed in absolute pleasure.

“Oh, that’s good.” I held tight onto his shoulders at first, while he scrubbed away any clingy mud. But really, I just wanted to sink into his arms, and touch him all over. As his fingers worked through my hair, I worked my hands down his body, learning the curves and muscles of his flesh.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Luke bent down and kissed me, shifting his hands to pull me tight against him.

I softened against him, returned his kiss. The water cascading over us, the way he moved his hands, touching me in just the right way, melted me. When his fingers slipped below to stroke my nub, I clung to him, a moan of pleasure escaping.

As he pushed into me, harder, faster with every stroke, I felt myself become undone.

Luke moaned right along with me. “Keri.” The way he said my name sent shock-waves through my being. I rubbed myself against him.

“More, don’t stop.” Luke pulled me down onto the rock with him. I shifted my legs around his waist. The stone dug into my knees but it just made everything more vivid. Luke squeezed my breasts in his huge hands and nipped my lower lip.

“You want more? Take what you want.” He gave me that cocky smile of his and I laughed.

Reaching between us, I pinched his nipples first and he went rigid, a groan of pleasure erupted from his chest. “I’ll take all of you.” I reached between us and teased us both by sliding the head of his cock back and forth between my lower lips.

“Fuck, Keri, that’s good but I want more.” Luke growled playfully and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, then flicked his tongue back and forth. I moaned, loud and uncaring if there was anyone else in the area to hear me.

I felt myself gush between my legs, the warm, thick cream coated the head of his cock. I slid him inside, then worked my way down, lubricating every push.

“Oh, fuck that’s so good. Good girl.” Luke grabbed my hips and helped me wrap my legs around his waist. “We wouldn’t want to hurt those lovely knees of yours, now would we?”

When he started lifting me, I recalled all those reps he did for his chest and arms. The muscles flexed beneath my fingers and I cried out when he hit the right spot. “Oh, fuck me, hard, right there!”

As he pushed into me, harder, faster with every stroke, I felt myself become undone. The water cascading, hitting all the sensitive spots, his teeth, his lips, and those gorgeous green eyes ripped me apart. My moan echoed off the stones and into the forest around us.

“Fuck that’s the best sex ever.” Luke panted, holding me in his arms. We took a few moments to recover then decided to get out from under the waterfall. Every drop caused us both to twitch and gasp, making us needy all over again.

We made our way to calm, shallow waters and he kissed me again. “Be mine.”

“Oh Luke, you were mine from the moment I laid eyes on you.” I led him out of the water to a rock heated by the sun so we could get dry. I couldn’t help the wink I threw over my shoulder at him and the way his eyes widened in surprise made me smile in a cocky way.

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