Masturbation Monday: Scent-sations

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – and sometimes it spawns over 1200. Enjoy this naughty story.

Story Quote Masturbation Monday Scent-sations
We were never to send each other naked pics, but what could I do other than break that stupid rule?

I shoved my face into his pillow and breathed deep, which was stupid because then I ended up sneezing a ridiculous amount of times from the goose feathers. I hated goose down. How the fuck did he use this pillow comfortably? I ripped the pillow case off and tossed his pillow away. Grabbing my own pillow, I continued to smell shampoo and his unique musk from the cotton fabric.

Mason wasn’t even going to be gone for long. He’d been called in to work for an emergency meeting. Someone had broken a leg and he had to be brought up to speed for the upcoming event. Mason had to take their place. I writhed against the sheets, mixing my own scent with his. I loved sleeping naked.

Squeezing my boob, I snapped a pic – without my face, of course – and sent it to his phone. I hoped he had it in his front pocket on vibrate. In fact, I knew it was there. Technically, he wasn’t allowed to have his phone in meetings, but if he kept it in his pocket, then no one said anything. I stuck my tongue out as if I were trying to reach my nipple, then snapped another pic. After cropping it, I sent it.

Our plan had been to stay in bed and fuck the day away. Slow, fast, soft, hard – writhing against each other until we couldn’t move any longer. And then doing it some more after we caught our breath and our hearts resumed normal rhythm. Obviously, we’d take breaks to eat, and I knew we’d have to have coffee. I had planned to suck his cock while he was flipping pancakes or scrambling eggs, or burning waffles.

I bit my lower lip and snapped a pic, cropping it below my eyes, I sent it.

I could imagine him knowing it was me, wondering if I was okay. Hoping it wasn’t urgent. Knowing that since I hadn’t called frantically, that it was just me texting him random shit. Except he wouldn’t know that I’d broken my no naked photos rule until he was able to look at his phone. Positioning my legs just so, covering myself with my free hand, one finger pressed between wet lips, I snapped another pic. This one I decided to change things up. I turned it black and white and stuck a silly mustache sticker where my finger disappeared, then clicked send.

Just as I was thinking of what crazy thing I could do next, the bedroom door burst open and I almost screamed my hair white. Shockingly, I didn’t fall off the damn bed. I was so close to the edge, but I hung on like the kitten in those posters and regained my balance.

Panting, I glared at Mason. “What in the fuck, Mason!” I threw the empty pillow case at his face and then shifted so I was on my knees, boobs swaying as I resettled on the bed. “You almost scared me to death. I could’ve DIED just now! What if I had fallen off the bed and hit my damn head?”

“It’s your fault.” Mason stripped off his tie and then started unbuttoning his shirt. I hadn’t noticed until then the bulge in his pants. “You kept texting me during the meeting, so I asked to be excused to use the restroom. I thought you were dying and then I saw the damn photos. I was SURE you’d hit your head. I told them I had to come home, something was wrong with my wife. I have to go back tomorrow so I can be ready for this show next week.”

Mason’s face was red, but not because he was mad. He was embarrassed. I had broken my rule. MY rule. The rule I told him would never ever be broken. We were never to send each other naked pics, but what could I do other than break that stupid rule? We were supposed to be spending the day in bed fucking each other. Just thinking about it all week had left me horny and then he had to go into work.

“I’m not sorry! We were supposed to be here fucking each other and feasting on chocolate covered strawberries and drinking mimosas or some weird kind of honeymoon stuff that people do when they get married. You promised we would have today. You broke your promise, at no fault to you, so I broke my rule. I think we’re even.” I crossed my arms, he unzipped his pants.

“Suck my fucking cock. Now.” Mason pushed his pants to his ankles and pointed at his purple-headed one-eyed snake. He tried his damnedest to look mad, to look mean. Too bad for him, and so good for me, his baby face couldn’t do either. I burst out laughing.

“Make me.” Hands on hips, the ‘I Dare You’ look on my face, knees slightly spread apart as I hoped to hell I wouldn’t accidentally bounce myself off the bed. It had happened a few times before, always resulting in some kind of weird bruise.

Mason grabbed my tits and squeezed, making my eyes roll back into my head.

“Oh, fuck baby, that’s what I need right now.” I put my hands over his, making him mash my boobs together. In a few seconds, he was on his knees on the bed in front of me, pants still hanging around his ankles, tie and shirt undone. Sexy as hell.

Leaning over, he nibbled and nuzzled along my neck. When he got to my ear, he squeezed one breast harder, “I said, suck my fucking cock now.” He slid a hand up into my hair and then pulled down towards his cock.

I couldn’t resist, but I didn’t want the game to end just yet. “I didn’t hear the magic word,” came out all sing-song, followed up by snickering. Placing my hands on each side of his legs gave me just enough leverage to keep him from forcing me down further, unless he wanted to hurt me. Mason wouldn’t hurt a fly. Hell, I knew he didn’t kill the spiders I sent him after but took them outside. Just being this dominant with me was probably giving him heart palpitations. Not only were Mason’s hands a little damp, his breathing was erratic.

“Slut of mine, I demand a damn good cock-sucking for your naughty behavior.” I tilted my head to the side, of course thanks to him allowing me since my hair was still wrapped tightly around his hand.

“As you wish, husband.” When our eyes met, I saw the desire burning in his eyes. Desire for me. Opening up wide, I licked and swirled, teased and nibbled. I played with his balls and tickled his taint. I squeezed his ass cheeks together like we had my tits and then pulled them apart all while bobbing up and down on his delectable dick.

I knew what kind of porn he enjoyed watching, so I gave it to him like a porn star. I slurped and moaned and listened to his cries of ecstasy above me. When I knew he was about to shoot, I pulled myself off and jerked his rod in my hot hands until he covered my face and tits with streaks of sticky sperm.

Mason collapsed on the bed, his pants trailing off. He hadn’t even taken off his shoes. I’d have to spank him for that one later. He broke his own rule: no shoes in the main house. Such a bad boy, such a great husband.

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  1. Mischa you certainly do know how to turn up the heat. His reaction as he burst through the door is what really came across struck me and then the elements of her being in charge. A bit of a switch couple?

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