Masturbation Monday: Sunlit Caress

Sometimes, you need a special getaway at an amazing spa with a masseur willing to step over the line to help you relax.

Story Quote: Masturbation Monday: Sunlit Caress
I gripped the edge of the bed, nails digging into the mattress.

Strong hands ran down my back to my hips, hitting pressure points and finding the tense knots embedded in my body. “Breathe. Let your thoughts flow freely.”

Declan’s words caressed my ears the same way his hands were caressing my body. If I were wearing panties, they’d have dropped to the floor, regardless of the fact that I was lying face down on a massage table.

The two-day spa getaway had been forced upon me, and seven on a Saturday morning was a worst-case scenario for a night owl like me, but once he got to work on the kinks in my body, I had no regrets. I’d never had a massage outdoors before, but the early morning sun kissed my skin and the chirping was pleasant and relaxing.

“Quit clenching your jaw. I can’t work out everything if you don’t let yourself go.” That honey-warm voice slipped over me.

“Sorry, sometimes I just can’t quite get there. I’m the worst person for a massage. It’s been a rough couple of months as well.” Just telling him this while he worked his magic fingers helped. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. The muscles of his arms, his warm, sultry voice, and his touch infused my fantasies.

“No worries. I have no other appointments this morning. I’m all yours.” Desire dripped from his words and heat filled every inch of me.

For a moment, I wondered if I had fallen asleep and this was all a dream, but then he went to work on my feet and a moan of pleasure ripped through me like never before. “Oh, fuck that’s good.” My fingers clenched and my lust raised to a new level. I wondered how much of him was all mine.

By the time I caught my breath and the glow of mini-climax faded, Declan had moved back up to my neck and shoulders. “Oh, now that’s much better. You’ve still got tension knots, but these are much more manageable.

The grin on his face was all the ‘yes’ I needed.

I melted beneath his ministrations. His fingers pushed and pulled and pinched, then moved along. There wasn’t any way for me to stop the twitches and occasional squirming. My thighs were sticky and I wanted him to touch me elsewhere, massage me in a way that was most likely frowned upon in such a high-end establishment.

Declan slid his fingers down my back, over the slope of my ass, to my thigh. “How relaxed do you want to go, Lacey?” Fingertips squeezed and kneaded my thighs. For a moment, I thought I felt the heat of his breath against my skin.

“I want to be so relaxed I won’t want to move for a week.” The words came out as a whisper and I thought he may not have heard me. The table shifted and the blanket was removed from my backside. A cool breeze incited the heat between my legs.

Strong fingers, Declan’s fingers, lifted and separated my cheeks. I automatically opened my thighs further, giving him even more access. “God, you smell tasty. I wanted to taste you the second I saw you.” Warm, wetness covered my pussy lips. He licked me clean, like a melting ice cream cone.

As he worked his wicked tongue on me, I stiffened back up, a different kind of ache arcing through my limbs. Declan teased me with that tongue, flicking my clit with the tip, then licking me all the way up. I gripped the edge of the bed, nails digging into the mattress.

He wasn’t done with me. Declan lifted me a little and sucked on me, nibbled on me, and when I least expected, slid two thick fingers deep inside. “Yes, yes. There, oh right there.” Words failed me for the most part, all except the ones that mattered.

“What about there?” Declan whispered in my ear, all that honey and sex dripping from his husky voice and I shattered. My walls clenched onto his fingers as he worked me, his teeth nibbled on my shoulder. I dug my fingers harder into the mattress, blissful cries echoed off the wall that blocked the little grove we were in.

He moved off the table with the prowess of a man who knew what he was capable of. I laid there, in my blissful afterglow as Declan recovered my flesh. No idea where I got the strength from, I sat up to lean on one elbow and look at him. “Any chance I can have another round somewhere more private and with you naked?”

The grin on his face was all the ‘yes’ I needed.

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