Technical Blather: “I don’t have a Kindle…”

“I can’t buy your book because I don’t own a Kindle.”

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Kindle Not Required

You would not believe how often I hear this. And, while I don’t personally go out to actual people and say “Hey, buy my smutty stories!” I do let people online know that I write smutty stories. Some people even tell me they like them, which is always nice. (Note: While I love that you tell me you like my writing, reviews are always better.)

Then, there are the people that really surprise me and say that they don’t own a Kindle, therefore they can’t read my stories. Well, that’s not true, friend. You can read my stories and many other Kindle books as well. If you have an Amazon account, you also have a Read.Amazon.Com cloud drive. So, you can read Kindle books you purchase there.

Also, Amazon LIKES customers.

They want people to buy their stuff. So they are going to give you free things in order to be able to buy books and read them. Such as the Kindle App for your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. 

I promise, I’m not a spokesperson for Amazon, but hell, with the way I pitch their apps and cloud, you think I’d get paid for this. Honestly, I should contact them. (And yes, I know there are so many people against The Machine Amazon, but I go where I can and do what I can.)

If someone tells you they can’t read your Kindle books… feel free to refer them to this post. Have a great day!

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